The Enemy Within

DonkeyHotey/Wikimedia/CC BY adapted via Imgflip

We know what the Democrats are doing. They are disloyal members of the once loyal opposition and are only interested in thwarting the successful pro-American agenda of the president. Does that make them anti-American?

At any rate they have mustered two sloppy impeachment articles in the House of Representatives, both of which have not an iota of criminality and thus do not measure up to the standards of the Constitution. Now that they have passed their case to the Senate, they realize their case is so weak that they want the Senate to call more witnesses.

For weeks we have heard from Lindsay Graham, head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, that whatever came over from the House would be dead on arrival. That certainly is not the case, and the reason is the enemy within.

The only thing worse than a disloyal member of the loyal opposition is a disloyal member of the team. And there appears to be more than a handful of those in the U.S. Senate. Once again the Republicans are letting down a successful president. These senators include Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Lamar Alexander and probably a bunch of less vocal ones.

These senators are RINOs – Republicans in name only. Actually they are Democrats in disguise since in their heart of hearts, they want the president gone too. By publicly stating that they want the trial to proceed and new witnesses called, they are doing the following:

  • Validating the un-Constitutional impeachment inquiry and articles of impeachment
  • Jeopardizing the valid results of the last election
  • Perpetuating the Russian hoax since Democrats want to impeach the president because they sell the narrative that he will conspire with the Russians to win in 2020
  • Jeopardizing the record of the president when he finally has serious leverage over China, Iran, Mexico, Canada and the European Union
  • Jeopardizing the strong U.S. economy and thus American jobs and escalating wages
  • Setting the stage for another Kavanough-like Senate fiasco

What is most telling about the RINO intentions are the witnesses they want to bring forward. They want the same witnesses as the Democrats want: John Bolton, Rudy Guiliani, Mike Pompeo and Mick Mulvaney. The president can and should use executive privilege to prevent them from testifying since they are – or were – part of his inner circle and what they can reveal should be limited for national security reasons.

But note who the RINOs don’t want to call as witnesses: Joe and Hunter Biden, Viktor Shokin, Alexandra Chalupa, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Adam Schiff and Eric Ciaramella. Given the ineptness of the Justice Department, the Senate trial may be the only time the Biden case is ever prosecuted. And since the Ukraine government has already admitted to their interference with our 2016 election, we know that a crime was committed there. Exposing these scandals would prove that Trump was fully justified in asking a relevant foreign power to cooperate with our own investigators.

But the RINOs only want to placate the Democrats and ignore the real injustices that have occurred. It is no wonder their popularity with their own constituents is plummeting like stones. Still that’s meager punishment for the enemy within.


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