Russian Hacker Unit Has Compromised U.S. Infrastructure, Including Power Grid

Why bother with an EMP attack when you can manipulate the power grid and disrupt critical infrastructure systems at will?  Just imagine controlling water systems – shutting off water in one region, flooding another… Managed chaos from the keyboard!  Complete control without firing a shot or using up a nuke…

(Of course the Chinese have also been very active in this enterprise).

Janet Levy,
Los Angeles

(Important:  Follow the 4 links, especially Bill Gertz on Clapper’s recent Congressional testimony).

Russian Hackers Position Themselves in U.S. Power Grids in Preparation for Cyber Warfare

According to the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, the Russian government has set up a special hacker unit to prepare for cyber warfare against the U.S. In a testimony before Congress last week, Clapper said that important infrastructure, including power grids, have already been compromised. “Politically motivated . . . keep reading


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