Petition To Hold China Accountable Gains Steam Overnight

Act for America petition

A petition to investigate China amid their lack of transparency surrounding the Wuhan coronavirus has already been signed by thousands of Americans overnight.

The petition, which was created by grassroots national security organization ACT For America is now up to over 10,000 signatures and will be delivered to the White House, members of congress and the Department of Homeland security—along with the case to hold China accountable.

Ever since Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian baselessly suggested the U.S. Army could have been responsible for the coronavirus, the American public’s frustrations with China have increased.

ACT For America Communications Director R.C. Maxwell said the organization launched the petition to galvanize Americans into focusing their attention on China.

“Americans cannot rely on the UN, the WHO or the global community at large to hold China accountable for this situation. Instead of demanding answers from China, certain members of Congress would rather dedicate floor time to discussing the impact racism has on Chinese-owned businesses in the States, so it’s going to take action like this to wake our elected officials up.”

Maxwell is referring to Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Massachusetts), who gave an impassioned speech on Republicans referring to the virus—which originated in Wuhan, as “Wuhan virus.”

Early on, stories of China silencing and intimidating anyone who spoke about the virus were circulating on social media and recently it’s been reported that the Chinese government deleted lab work and samples which would have been key to saving lives.

Despite the mounting criticism of China, there is a movement pushing back against this blame—mostly composed of the Chinese government, the American media elite, and progressive Democrats.

They say that petitions like the one launched by ACT For America will only further xenophobia toward Asians.

When asked about these concerns, Maxwell responded by saying “We can’t respond to every atrocity by first wondering how solutions will upset people with minority-studies degrees.”

Christopher Chesny


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