Pelosi Rips up Trump Speech, Instantly Losing Some Lifelong Democrat Voters

Like an envious 5-year-old who smashes her friend's new Christmas toys, Pelosi shamed herself, her party, and the Congress. And it cost her some lifelong Democrat voters.

edited single-frame capture YouTube video

On February 4, in an eye-popping political stunt, Nancy Pelosi managed to offend even lifelong Democrat voters by deliberately ripping up President Trump’s SOTU transcript in full view of the whole country.

Like a chess player who copes with a lost game by knocking over the board, or a 5-year old who destroys another girl’s new doll because she doesn’t have one like it, Nancy’s behavior wasn’t worthy of a mature adult, let alone our Speaker of the House.

Has Nancy no shame? Has she no decency, no sense of decorum left at all? Is she proud of her behavior as an example to our children and grandchildren? Are most Democrats ‘okay’ with her petulant behavior?

Listen to the short CSPAN clip below as some long-time Democrats pledge to abandon her and her party.

Unhappy Democrats who want to stay loyal to their party might help by boycotting the November election or even voting GOP at least once.  The tough-love shock treatment of a massive defeat may be the only message that fossilized leaders like Pelosi and Schumer will heed.

#WalkAway #BLEXIT #Lexit #JEXODUS #WalkAway2020


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