New Jersey Allows Muslims to Interrupt Classes to “Convert Students”

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Two years ago, the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund intervened in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) when local administrators partnered with CAIR (Hamas) to institute an anti-bullying program specifically geared toward Muslim students along with other religious accommodations.  Of course, CAIR and company raised objections when parents filed a lawsuit to stop preferential treatment for Muslim students.  They trotted out the usual imputations of “Islamophobia” and “white supremacy.”  (NOTE:  CAIR is still quite influential in the school district).

For more information, see “San Diego:  Ground Zero for Islamic Indoctrination in American Public Schools.”  (Link below)*

The education jihad in America began at least 30 years ago.  In 1989, deceased Muslim Brotherhood leader, Sharifa Alkateeb, was captured on video** discussing the goal of making “all of America Muslim” by using pubic schools to convert students to Islam.  At that time, Alkateeb was invited to the Clinton White House by the first lady for an event organized by Muslim Brotherhood operative, Huma Abedin.  Alkateeb worked closely with Hillary Clinton to establish alliances with other religious communities.

As a result of Alkateeb’s efforts, Islamic doctrine is a standard feature in American textbooks and part and parcel of the fare presented by university Middle East Studies departments.  For several decades now, American students have been indoctrinated to embrace Islam.

About 10 years ago, an Orange County friend told me about a discussion she had with a neighbor within earshot of the woman’s kindergartner.  When the boy heard the word “sharia,” he perked up and exclaimed, “I’m learning about sharia in school.  It’s a wonderful, beautiful thing!”

Janet Levy,
Los Angeles

New Jersey school lets Muslims interrupt classes to “convert students”



“A U.S. school that allowed Muslim students to interrupt classes to ‘convert’ students to Islam now faces a grilling from a constitutional legal team.”

Memorial High School in New Jersey has an Islamization issue that is keeping it in the news. First, its actions prompted a “cease and desist” letter to be sent out by The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund to the school’s West New York School District’s superintendent at the end of May, “demanding that two district-sponsored Ramadan posters in Memorial High School be taken down.” One poster offered “Warm greetings from Memorial High school and wishes students to Have a blessed Ramadan.” Another states that “MAY ALLAH CONTINUE TO SHOWER YOU LOVE AND WISDOM.”


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