Mayors and Antifa: Replacing the Rule of Law with Anarchy

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Over the next year how many Trump campaign rallies will be blistered by Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) demonstrations? Only those where the city mayors are progressive Democrats.

These two groups claim to oppose the president because he is racist and fascist. Racism is not about color, but about prejudice. The president has lowered the African American unemployment rate to its lowest percentage ever, approved prison reform and initiated a neighborhood redevelopment plan – accomplishments that Barrack Obama never even attempted. Yet because Donald Trump is Christian and white, BLM accuses him of being racist.

Antifa stands for anti fascist. But these thugs intimidate innocent bystanders, throw trash and urine at police and try their best to stifle free speech. Fascists do all those things. Why doesn’t the group just drop the “anti” and call themselves what they are: Fa?

The fact is progressive mayors quietly endorse both disruptive groups. From Berkeley, California to Raleigh, North Carolina they have told their police to stand down during Antifa and BLM events. In every case there are glaring similarities. Take, for example, two notable cases: the first involving Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey; the second, Portland, Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler.

When the Trump administration asked to have a rally in Minneapolis, Frey tried to charge the administration over a half million dollars while they charged President Obama a mere $20,000 for such a rally a few years earlier. The mayor went on television and said how divisive the Trump rallies were and that the president was not wanted in Minneapolis. He believes that it is okay for the 2020 Democrat contenders to malign the president for all kinds of heinous things – without of course articulating what those crimes are. But for the president to fight back against the labeling and lies is for Mayor Frey somehow out of bounds. Because of his convictions, the mayor made it difficult for attendees who waited all day to enter the arena, providing just two porta-potties and refusing to let the media interview any of those in line. While the nearly 20,000-strong Trump rally went on quite festively, a thousand members of BLM and Antifa protested outside, setting fires, attacking Trump supporters as they left the rally and tossing urine and bottles at police. Come now, Mayor Frey, which group was really divisive?

Not long ago Portland Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler condemned conservative free speech as hateful and bigoted. But he looked the other way when on the streets of his city violent demonstrations of Antifa and BLM erupted to silence and beat up one man. In that episode, Wheeler tried to cancel the event by what he called an alt-right group. He believed they were bigots, would stir up trouble and didn’t want them around. Yet their stated purpose was to promote conservative values, smaller government, spirituality and freedom at the rally without regard to political party, race or greed. How terrible could that be? Yet Wheeler wanted the group shut down. He even tried to get the federal authorities to refuse them a permit since the rally was set on federal property within the city.

The rally, though, did go on as planned and it did turn violent. But the violence came from the motley mob of Antifa and BLM. These protesters blocked an intersection and attempted to direct traffic while officers on motorcycles watched from a block away. At one point, the activists chased down a 74-year-old man after he made a right turn against their wishes, pounding on his car and causing thousands of dollars in damages. They even attacked a man in a wheelchair. [Ted Wheeler, Portland mayor, stands by decision to allow antifa to block traffic, hassle motorists]

What transpired at both of these events and events across the country involving Antifa and BLM points to the mayors of the cities hosting the events. In the two examples cited above, the following demonstrates how these mayors instigated the violence:

Both mayors were given a green light by national Democrat figures. BLM was spread over 100 cities dividing the country through identity politics: portraying white people and police as the oppressors – vs. minorities, the victims. For their grassroots efforts, these groups were rewarded, not punished. President Obama celebrated BLM at the White House and more recently Maxine Waters and 2020 presidential hopeful Cory Booker have encouraged radicals to confront conservatives in public.

  • Before the events even took place, both mayors condemned the conservative element as being disruptive and causing trouble. By defaming conservative groups publicly and calling them divisive, both mayors invited radical groups to descend on their cities.
  • Because of the growing negative reputation of police, both mayors told their police commissioners to stand down when the two groups demonstrated. In the Portland case, under Wheeler’s direction – since he also serves as police commissioner – Portland police made no arrests that actually mattered even though “officers observed people in possession of hard-knuckled gloves, firearms, batons, knives and pepper spray.” In the Minneapolis case, the mayor simply instructed the police commissioner to stand down.
  • Both mayors used the First Amendment to defend Antifa and BLM actions. Wheeler puffed, “Portland has always been a beacon of free speech. We are proud of that history…and it is crucial to let Antifa exercise their First Amendment rights.” He wanted to block the right group, but gave First Amendment rights to Antifa. {Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Allows Antifa to Thrive] Frey on the other hand quietly gloated over the intruders’ behavior which as one reporter quipped, “It seems that mayor Frey has got his revenge.”
  • Both mayors claimed in news conferences that their chief concern was for the safety of their city’s citizens. Frey, for example, stated solemnly, “We are going to make sure every single person including the residents of our city, including the protesters, are safe.” Yet again in both cases their was no support for either the conservative reporter in Portland, Andy Ngo, or Trump supporters in Minneapolis. [Antifa to target Trump rally, Trump supporters]
  • In both cases the word went out to Antifa and BLM recruits to join in the violent demonstrations. In Minneapolis, Antifa called for “canceling America…Join us to celebrate with an anti-capitalist bloc…Bring yourself, bring your friends, bring your crew and come prepared to disrupt the nightmare that is Trump.” [Antifa Calls for Violence to Shut Down Minneapolis Trump Rally]
  • To rebuff this threat, Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo claimed that “criminal conduct by anyone, including property damage, will not be tolerated. Those individuals choosing to engage in such illegal behavior will be arrested and we will work with our criminal justice agencies to ensure they are properly charged to the full extent of the law.” But knowing full well that the police would be instructed to stand down, patriotic groups went on social media calling for volunteers to help with security of Trump supporters. [Volunteers Needed to Protect Trump Supporters at Minneapolis Trum Rally]
  • Wheeler vowed to do everything to hold miscreants accountable. He declared this knowing that he wouldn’t deliver on this pledge. Portland has a law calling for “mutual combat” in such cases. Prosecutors conveniently cannot determine who is the “initial aggressor,” making it virtually impossible to file charges. This safeguard thus allows the likes of Antifa to go scot-free in the wake of their violence.

The points above show a pattern of how progressive mayors and radical groups like Antifa and BLM coordinate efforts. Mayors show concern about an upcoming conservative event. This signals the radicals to unite and descend on the event. The police stand down under the guise of not creating confrontation. The radical groups are free to disrupt, destroy and injure people who do not agree with them.

According to free speech expert Eugene Volokh, for hate speech to be banned, it must reach “the level of threat or harassment.” Don’t the activities of BLM and Antifa rise to that level? Yet nothing is done about it. Why is that? As one writer commented, “(Antifa disruption) is a heroic way to combat racism and bigotry.” And progressive mayors actually believe that. They would rather defend the disrupters than peaceful residents. If they didn’t, they would pass ordinances banning face-covering, weapons and body armor…and yes, make arrests that stick. Yet they don’t do any of that either.

Progressive mayors encourage this kind of bedlam. In the Minneapolis case groups other than George Soros-sponsored Antifa and BLM that participated in the protest included the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood; the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), a far-left union; and Twin Cities Coalition for Justice for Jamar tied to BLM. Even a Democrat member of the Minnesota House of Representatives Rep. Aisha Gomez screamed profanities at Republicans passing by. Mayor Frey certainly didn’t want to upset members of that crowd.

The sad reality is that Antifa, BLM and others know in advance that they can get away with their crimes. Police standing down not only emboldens them, but gives them a sense that they are in control, not local authorities. For example in Minneapolis protesters bellowed “Whose streets? Our streets” and “kill a cop, save a life.” This blatant disrespect for law enforcement sends a dangerous message to copycat groups. Shortly after the Minneapolis incident, over 200 teenagers stormed the streets of Philadelphia in similar fashion. Shamefully progressive mayors with an increasing number of liberal sheriffs and police chiefs invite this violence through their intentional inaction. They use the lame excuses that these groups are simply exercising their free speech and police involvement only exacerbates the situation. But what, if anything, does the Antifa-BLM mob have to do with the First Amendment and free speech? Progressive mayors exploit these tools to enable anarchy.

Free speech was meant to ensure public debate. In drafting the First Amendment, our forbears envisioned peaceful assembly for such debate. Accepting the likes of Antifa and BLM shows how far we as a country have strayed from our fundamental values.

Taking their cue from Democrat politicians well ensconced in Washington, progressive mayors apply a double standard of the rule of law to these demonstrations. Conservatives, steeped in traditional American moral values, are guilty for what they stand for while progressive radicals, donned in black and hiding behind masks, are innocent victims and somehow entitled to cause violence.

If President Trump ventures into cities so disposed, he and his followers should be well prepared and expect the worst.


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