Mainstream Media Exaggerates Story About Violent Trump Video

Haxorjoe/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY

Legacy Media and Fake News

The legacy, or mainstream media is no stranger to fake news. For example, BuzzFeed incorrectly reported that Trump told his lawyer to lie to Congress. Just yesterday¬†ABC news issued a correction after suggesting a video of U.S. gun range footage depicted the Turkish slaughter of Kurds after Trump’s withdrawal from Syria. Media figures are highly opposed to President Trump and his supporters. The Democrat media insists that Republican-leaning media push “faux outrage” to make a big deal out of non-issues (citing Fast and Furious, unsecured classified emails and Benghazi) to distract and drive the narrative. In a recent case, faux outrage over a meme served to distract Americans from a major news story: the Project Veritas whistleblower exposing CNN’s anti-Trump bias.

Media Uses Violent Trump Video To Attack Conservatives

AMPFest19 was a pro-Trump event in Miami, Florida. Donald Trump Jr., former Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Governor Ron DeSantis were among the attendees. Eager for a chance to demonize conservatives, the New York Times reported Sunday that a violent ‘meme’ video played there. The video was a parody of the movie Kingsman: Secret Service, showing a likeness of Trump killing media outlets and Democrats. The NY Times tried to connect the violent video to the Trump campaign, while others such as CNN claimed it represented Trump’s fans. However, media outlets missed the mark. It turns out that the video was not a major part of the event. The video played in a side room, and very few people at the event saw it. Further, AMPFest19 said that they did not authorize the video and the Trump administration condemned it.

Mainstream Media Promotes Ideology, Not Facts

There is too much confirmation bias in the mainstream media today. Journalists want to promote anything that affirms their beliefs, even if the facts are questionable. Complaining about Trump all day may be popular with the far left, but it does not help our politics. In our day and age, facts matter less than ideology. The media wants to accuse conservatives of being immoral, and does not give Americans the solid facts to make that judgment themselves. Fortunately, the rise of independent media on the Internet is giving people the chance to research claims and hear opinions from a variety of sources.


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