Democrats Caught Using Obama Era Videos to Bash Trump

Obama White House | Flickr | U.S. Government Work

The liberal media has become the world leaders in fake news. They often do whatever it takes to turn the American people against President Trump. They even use fake news stories to make Trump look bad—even if they have to fake photos and videos to do so.

The liberal media used an Obama era video of border patrol agents destroying water jugs and not giving the water to the migrants at the border. (RELATED: James Comey Attacks Republicans and Receives Instant Backlash)

In retrospect, As you may recall, President Donald Trump recently accused Democrats of trying to make him ‘look bad’ when they tweeted a photo of immigrant children in cages that turned out to be from 2014 – when Barack Obama was president. This turned out to be true.

The picture, published by the Arizona Republic, shows two children lying on green mats behind a chain-link fence. The media claimed that this was taken during Trump’s presidency. They went further and claimed that the images depicted how the Trump admin treats immigrant children.

This prompted even more Obama era images to surface claiming the images were taken during the Trump presidency. It all was debunked and was labeled “fake news.” (RELATED: REPORT: Has Robert Mueller Been Destroying Evidence?)

Now, MSNBC is at it again. The video they used depicted border patrol agents kicking water jugs around and pouring water out at the border. MSNBC swore up and down that Trump’ Border patrol was doing this.

They used their lower thirds to cover up the time stamp on the video. Why did they do this? Because the time stamp says the video was taken in 2011. Yep, you guessed it, another Obama’s era video used to bash President Trump.

If the liberal media will lie to compromise a duly elected president, what else will they lie about? President Trump receives criticism for calling the liberal media, “the enemy of the people.” Yet, the media does nothing but lie to the people.  (RELATED: Michael Cohen Adviser Blows Holes in the Steele Dossier During Interview)

When they aren’t lying, they are stretching the truth and blaming everything on Trump. What would you call these news organization other than the enemy of the American people?



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