Declassified Documents Will Reveal What DOJ, FBI ‘Hid’ From FISA Court

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As we wait for the opportunity to read the declassified documents that point out the lies that the DOJ and FBI under Obama told to obtain an illegal FISA warrant to spy on US citizens, one can only anticipate as to who these documents will lead us to and which direction to point our fingers. But what else will the documents tell us?

US President Donald Trump has directed the Justice Department to immediately declassify more information related to the investigation into possible election meddling by Russia, the White House said on Monday.

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These documents show what sparked the FISA warrant that led to the Mueller witchhunt. As we all know, the FISA warrant and Mueller witchhunt both came from the fake Russia dossier that shows us the Hillary Campaign is the real colluders who colluded with Russian officials. However, the Democrats want us to believe that Trump’s did. The more that gets revealed, the more we know that we were right all along!

According to reports, the move alarmed US officials who feared Trump’s decision could expose the identity of intelligence or law enforcement agencies’ confidential sources.

However, we know the real reason why Democrats are so worried. These documents will reveal the corruption of the deep state, and who the members of this secret shadow government really are. This release will also show us that our thoughts are correct when we think of Trump being innocent of any wrongdoing.

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All over social media, liberals are telling us that all we have to do is wait for November. I say this release will show us everything we need to know. Besides, the so-called “blue wave” that the Democrats are screaming about has turned into a “blue flush,” as blue seats in the Senate continue to turn red!  They are trying to keep our eyes off of all the mountains of evidence that shows the left’s corruption.

Among the documents, Trump ordered the Justice Department and the director of national intelligence to make public are 20 additional pages of FBI surveillance warrant applications related to his former campaign adviser Carter Page.

As Donald Trump said during his campaign, “we will be winning so much, that we will get tired of winning.” These words have and will continue to ring true. That is why the left is trying to sabotage everything Trump is doing. Yes, let’s see what happens in November. From the way things are looking, we will have to sit through another bout of liberal tears and lies coming from the alt-left media.

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