Cancel Culture Backfires Again: Iowa Declares Carson King Day Despite Controversy

Office of the Governor of Iowa

The Dangerous Trend of Cancel Culture

A dangerous trend on the left nowadays is cancel culture. Cancel culture refers to digging up offensive statements a person has made years ago and trying to stifle such person’s career. Cancel culture is targeting a wide array of people, so long as they say anything the left does not like. An important example of this vile trend happened in late 2018 with comedian Kevin Hart, who rarely mentions politics. Hart was chosen to host the 91st Academy Awards, but the leftist mob went after him for alleged ‘homophobic’ remarks he made in 2010 and 2011. Hart apologized, but leftists claimed he was insincere. He backed out of the Awards due to this messy situation. Recently, leftists went after Iowan man Carson King.

Carson King Raises Money For Hospital, Leftists Still Attack Him

Carson King became widely known when he asked people at College Gameday for beer money as a joke. He donated the money to University of Iowa Stead Children’s hospital, and partnered with Venmo and Anheuser-Busch in his cause. He raised over $1 million for the hospital. However, even a man who is helping sick children is not immune to the outrage mob. On Tuesday, the Des Moines Register dug up racial jokes King made eight years ago — when he was 16 — causing Anheuser-Busch to cut ties with him. We can see that despite all the good a person can do, the outrage mob will not tolerate one area of imperfection. However, there was a silver lining for King after this controversy. On Wednesday, Governor Kim Reynolds signed a proclamation declaring Saturday, September 28, 2019 as Carson King Day in Iowa. Instead of condemning King for offensive jokes in his past, the Governor recognized the good he was doing for society.

Cancel Culture Is Toxic to Society

Within the far left’s ideology, there is no forgiveness. Even if someone apologizes, leftists will not welcome him or her back into polite society. Some conservatives used the left’s standard against it by digging up New York Times writers’ old posts. The left demonstrated its hypocrisy by saying how terrible this action was. Cancel culture is a terrible blight on our society. It is causing too much divisiveness, and can stifle peoples’ careers who are not even political. In reality, no human being is perfect. We have all said things we regret, or did not know were offensive at the time. Furthermore, the left keeps changing the standard for what is offensive, and could potentially ‘cancel’ anyone outside their small bubble.


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