California Governor Could Ban School Suspensions

Gage Skidmore/Flickr/CC BY

California Could Ban School Suspension

Democratic Governor of California Gavin Newsom could sign a bill that significantly changes school discipline in the state. Senate Bill 419 Would Prohibit Suspensions For Willfully Defiant Students in grades K-8. This law would apply to both state schools and charter schools. The push to reduce school discipline is nothing new. The Obama Administration Pressured Schools to Avoid Punishment. Democrats want to avoid punishing students because many of the punished students are black. Bill 419 supporter David Turner said: “These particular kinds of suspension are being used to harm young people and especially black people in particular. When we talk about racial equity, this is racial equity.” Instead of traditional school discipline, liberals support ‘restorative justice’. Restorative justice encourages students to reflect on their behavior and try to act better in the future.

Lack of Discipline Hurts Students

People have pointed out that reducing school discipline is not effective. Also, it ends up hurting black students who want to succeed. Civil Rights Commission member Gail Heriot spoke out against restorative justice. She said: “…if teachers fail to keep order in those classrooms out of fear that they will be accused of racism, it is these minority students who will suffer the most.” Max Eden, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, wrote about the harmful effects of ‘restorative justice’. He mentioned that violence, drug use, and gang activity increased. Also, students yelled at and hit teachers with no significant consequences.

Schools Need to Have Order

The evidence is clear that getting rid of school discipline creates a dangerous school environment. Democrats are hiding behind ‘social justice’ to excuse bad behavior. However, they are really hurting minority students who will have to deal with an unsafe school environment. It is unfair to hard-working students to let their peers interrupt their learning. Also, students and teachers alike should not fear for their safety. Finally, schools will not prepare students for the real world if they do not stop bad behavior now.


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