Biden’s Bombastic Advice on Home-Defense Firearms for Women – “Get a Shotgun!”

Biden's bar-stool rhetoric is not a new thing. Here's a ~2013 video where he shows he's "been around" and "knows things."

Joe Biden is in the news for his use of bombastic rhetoric when confronting Democrat voters.

Evidently, that’s his general go-to style when he wants to show that he “knows things” and has “been around.”

Here is a video (2013 or earlier) of Biden advising a woman-caller to a talk show who asks about the use of an AR-15 as a home defense weapon. Joe’s condescendingly advises: “Get a shotgun.”

Is that good advice? See here some examples of women firing a shotgun (albeit possibly for the first time). It ends with ending with a woman firing an AR-15.

Joe Biden is the current Democrat front-runner for his party’s nomination for president. What do you think of his style?

I was once a Democrat. I remember the style and demeanor of President John F. Kennedy.

Joe Biden is no John Kennedy.


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