Be Careful What You Wish For

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Politics continue to be confusing and the politicians are taking full advantage of it. There seems to be a passion by the Democrats to use rhetoric instead of reason to describe their cause and actions. For some, it is working. Others will look at both sides of the issue and make their own decisions, especially on the subject of the impeachment.

The House has completed their proceedings and has impeached the president. It was done by means of secrecy and leaking what the Democrats wanted the public to believe. Only witnesses approved by them were allowed to testify and there was absolutely no opportunity for the defense to cross examine any of them during the kangaroo court farce.

Now, Adam Schiff and the House want to dictate to the Senate how they should do their job. Same confusion, same baloney, and same mischaracterization! The House Democrats keep attempting to sway public opinion with repetition and innuendo. However, the stable minded people in the Senate aren’t buying the attempts to change the rules and provisions of the Constitution.

The House actions are trying to change the concept of a fair trial. They reject the long standing rules of trial by jury that the accused is considered to be innocent until proved guilty by a jury or judge. They have no impeachable grounds so they make up charges and try to convince the public and anyone who will listen that they should be impeachable. They believe that by constantly repeating the accusations that they can do that. It can work with weak minded people.

Facebook has been a way their messages are being distributed. They have memes that this columnist has seen that has been dubbed as Memes for Morons. All accusations, lies and fabrications that appeal to the Trump haters come with pictures and slogans, but no proof. When the people they are reaching have little use for logic and facts, the memes are working. Some rely on them for information.

Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi are doing their best to confuse the people and the issues. They have spent many months trying to build a case for impeachment, but have done such a poor job of getting any proof that can hold up in any reasonable court they are using desperation as the accelerant. They actually want President Trump to prove a negative which any student of logic will argue is difficult to do.

They want to have John Bolton called as a witness and he can be blocked by Executive Privilege. People who have held high office have information that should be kept secret. For example, the Democrats have criticized President Trump for not telling Congress that he ordered the attack on the Iranian terrorist before sending the drone that killed him.

From recent practices, it is reasonable to believe that if he did that, the Iranians would have been warned and the target would have moved out of harm’s way. We should know by now that all of those in high government positions are not trustworthy.

The impeachment process has many weaknesses in the way it was conducted. While the Democrats tried to fool the public into thinking it was fair, they held secret meetings and leaked what they wanted the people to believe instead of making the process transparent. Truth was never a high priority. In fact, some would say it wasn’t any priority.

Now, people are becoming aware that the impeachment process may not be really to impeach the president, but rather a way to upset the balance of power in the Senate.

We have often said that politics has little to do with good government and it is all about power and money. This is a perfect example of how that comes to be. Most of the people will agree that there is not enough evidence against President Trump for impeachment and the Senate will not remove him from office. Obviously the Democrats don’t want him to be reelected and will settle for any damage they can inflict.

Their real fear is that they could lose their majority in the house, particularly in the swing states and districts which would deprive them of the abusive power they now hold. They also want to swing the Senate away from the Republican majority and gain even more power. Think about it. It is all about power and who is going to have it for the next four years.

The Democrats started with a crowd of people seeking the presidency and it is now filtering down to about a half dozen contenders with Biden, Warren and Bernie in the lead. This is another offshoot of the impeachment farce with some very negative reports about Joe and Hunter Biden and corruption in the Ukraine.

Since corruption is mentioned often in the “abuse of power” accusation by Schiff and company and he wants to charge Trump with that issue, it brings up another question.

Wouldn’t Americans want a president to investigate corruption involving foreign countries and American politicians to be investigated? This is a subject that should be examined regardless (or especially) if a high ranking official is involved. There is much that could come from the doors opened by the impeachment proceedings. Watch with care and look for the results. The Democrats just may remember the old saying:

“Be careful what you wish for. You might get it.”



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