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Western Free Press has been a reliable source of news and opinion since July 2010. We are proud of our years in the business so far, and we thank you all for making us the most widely read independently run political site in Arizona.

During our first four years, we have also focused on a few major issues and sought to bring about change on a broader scale. In the process, we formed what might be called a pocket, de facto think tank—a small group of conservative and libertarian activists and writers looking for solutions to some of the existential problems facing our great nation. We have decided to continue and expand these efforts in the coming years.

Among our proposed solutions . . .

2016 Initiative: Project for a New Republican Majority

In this white paper focused on the 2016 presidential election, we call for the formation of an explicit conservative electoral coalition—designed to enhance unity, incentivize cooperation among various factions and supporters of particular candidates, and improve the Republican Party’s chances of retaking the White House. With the demographic challenges of presidential-year elections growing increasingly daunting for the GOP, we believe it is wise to begin considering solutions for enhancing turnout among the GOP’s base now rather than waiting for 2016. And we believe our coalition strategy is the way to do it.

Article V convention

As the march of statism continually erodes rule of law and the system of checks and balances designed to preserve our rights and freedoms, an old debate has been rekindled. Is it time to amend the Constitution, to strnegthen its bulwarks against encroachment upon our liberty . . . or, do we have more to fear from the effort to amend the Constitution than we do from the erosion thereof?

For four years, Western Free Press has come down—respectfully, but unabashedly—on the side that believes it is time to strengthen the Constitution . . . that the risks of inaction now outweigh the risk of action. The following page contains links to the arguments we have made on the subject, resources for further understanding, and more. We invite you to explore these at the . . .

WFP Article V Page

We have also partnered with two of the most prominent efforts to bring about a states-driven Article V convention: the Compact for America and the Convention of States. We are not partisan therebetween—we support any and all legitimate, productive efforts to spark this necessary change. Please visit both organizations by clicking the logos below.