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From 2008 through 2011, the conservative community organizing group AnyStreet operated local activism modules in a variety of states.  Presaging the tea party movement by more than half a year, this bootstrap organization developed a system of ground-game activism for conservatives and libertarians looking to make a difference at any level, from the state down to the street. During its tenure, AnyStreet impacted a variety of races, from organizing voters in the Florida county that put Allen West over the top in 2010 to helping David Prosser in his razor-thin reelection to the Wisconsin Supreme Court—a judge who ended up being essential in upholding Scott Walker’s union reforms.

In early 2012, AnyStreet ended its role as a physical activist organization, but they left behind a variety of training and support materials designed to aid conservative and libertarian activists. Western Free Press is proud to be the heir to those materials, and we present them now to you for your use in developing your own home-grown activism and community organizing operations.

During its tenure, AnyStreet combined time-tested activism models with innovative new concepts, creating the StreetSmarts™ system. After AnyStreet stood down its activist operations, its activism manual was converted into an e-book for use by anyone—beginner or seasoned activist—looking to take their operations to the next level. Click here to learn more.