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The Week in Pictures: Oprah! Edition

Posted: January 13, 2018 at 3:46 am   /   by
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(Steven Hayward)

Just what is Oprah’s campaign slogan going to be? “Make America nice again”? Is her platform going to be, “Forget about a chicken in every pot; how about a [hybrid] car in every garage! You get a car—and you get a car—and you get a car!” There’s just one problem: what cabinet position will Harvey Weinstein get? Yeah—let’s elect another TV celebrity president: what could go wrong? Oh yeah, and Obama is building a presidential library that looks like a rejected design for a Pez dispenser. Talk about celebrity presidents!

Actually yesterday. . .

Supposedly a beach in Norway:

The Obama Presidential Library

Speaking of weird people. . .

Headlines of the week:

If Star Trek: TNG was made today. . .

And finally. . .

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Power Lines Image: Sue Jones

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The Week in Pictures: Oprah! Edition