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Islam Update: Anti-Regime Iran Protests ‘Are Not Behind Us’, Iranian Protesters Skirting the Government’s tech Clampdown

Posted: January 11, 2018 at 9:00 am   /   by

Pompeo: Anti-Regime Iran Protests ‘Are Not Behind Us’

CIA director counters statement from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps saying that protests have been ‘defeated.’

Jenna Lifhits                  The Weekly Standard                  Jan 08, 2018

The world has not seen the last of the anti-regime protests that have swept Iran in recent weeks, the Trump administration’s intelligence chief said Sunday.

“It’s my expectation these protests are not behind us,” CIA director Mike Pompeo said on Fox News Sunday. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) declared this weekend that the protests had been “defeated.”

“[This] is a theocratic regime that is looking backwards, instead of a regime that is looking forward to make the lives of their people better,” Pompeo said. “It is my full expectation that you will see the Iranian people continue to revolt against this.”

The demonstrations, which began in late December, are still occurring “at a low level,” according to Pompeo. The protests broke out in more than 80 cities and have resulted in the death of at least 21 people, as well as the arrest of hundreds. Iranian authorities have used force and restrictions on social media in an effort to quash them.

Pompeo said the protests represent a rejection of the “backwards-looking,” adventurist theocracy reigning in Tehran, and are fueled by economic grievances.

“The economic conditions in Iran are not good. That’s what caused the people to take to the streets,” Pompeo said. “Meanwhile, the Iranian regime threatens violence. Qassem Soleimani wastes their money in places like Lebanon and Syria and Yemen trying to foment goodness knows what.”

Pompeo staunchly rejected an accusation from Iran’s prosecutor general that a CIA official masterminded the protests with the help of Saudi Arabia and Israel.

“This was the Iranian people. Started by them, created by them, continued by them, demanding a better set of living conditions and a break from the theocratic regime,” he said…


How Iranian protesters are skirting the government’s tech clampdown to continue their fight

Hollie McKay                    Fox News                   January 5, 2018

While the already repressive Iranian government works to further shut down social media that helps fuel communications among thousands of protestors, the predominantly young, college-aged crowds in the street are scrambling  to stay ahead with a variety of counter-censorship maneuvers.

“Iranians are used to changing. Remember we were the first ones using Twitter for political purposes in the Green Revolution in 2009, when Twitter was still largely unknown,” one activist, Ali, told Fox News. “Then it was blocked. Then Facebook came and then it was blocked. Now Instagram and Telegram.”

Iranian officials are blocking access by essentially building a “massive firewall,” according to Dave Chronister, managing partner of Parameter Security and an “ethical hacker” who has worked with the U.S government. But access hasn’t been completely cut – leaving the protesters room to maneuver. “The Iranian government is blocking access to certain IP ranges altogether (such as news sites) and at the same time they are also allowing certain sites to be accessed,” said Chronister. “But they are using content filtering to block what they consider to be risky or subversive, for example Twitter hashtags. So the Iranian activists are using different ‘tunneling’ methods to hide their traffic through encryption and therefore bypass government restrictions – for instance, they use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).”

The VPN encrypts web traffic, so it obscures information that makes it harder for Iran’s security apparatus to catch or block. One activist in Tehran told Fox News he has downloaded about 10 VPNs, and just one is working. While VPNs can be quickly shut down when detected, activists can just as quickly scramble to find more. Some have also since turned to other platforms such as the anonymity network Tor, which allows users to conceal their location…

The video and more…

Iranian protester: “We should have an Iranian republic not an Islamic republic”

Robert Spencer                 Jihad Watch                  Jan 6, 2018

Financial Times continues to propagate in this piece the Western fiction that Rouhani is a “centrist.” The only value of this article is the statements it contains from the protesters. They are not just calling for reform, but for the scrapping of the entire Islamic system. In the West, we are constantly told that opposition to Sharia is “Islamophobic.” How did so many Iranians become “Islamophobic”? By living under Sharia since 1979.

Growing dissent adds to Iranian regime’s troubles,” by Najmeh Bozorgmehr, Financial Times, January 5, 2018…


Iranian Man Sets Himself on Fire in Protest: An Iranian man set himself on fire Sunday in protest of the closing of his business by the government. The protest appears to have taken place in the middle of the on-going demonstrations against the Islamic regime. Shocked bystanders attempt to put out the flames.

Iran warns world to prepare for US nuke deal withdrawal

AFP                  January 8, 2018

Tehran – Iran warned the world on Monday to prepare for the possible withdrawal of the United States from the landmark nuclear deal agreed in 2015.

“The international community must be prepared for the US possibly pulling out of the JCPOA,” said deputy foreign minister Abbas Araghchi, using the technical name for the nuclear deal. Iran signed the accord in 2015 with six world powers, agreeing to curb its nuclear programme in exchange for the lifting of many international sanctions.

US President Donald Trump openly despises the deal — a central foreign policy achievement of his predecessor Barack Obama — but has so far continued to waive the nuclear-related sanctions at regular intervals as required to stay in compliance.

The next deadline for Trump to waive sanctions falls on Friday.

“It’s been more than a year that the US president has sought to destroy the JCPOA with all his efforts,” said Aragchi, speaking at the Tehran Security Conference. “We in Iran are prepared for any scenario. The international community and our region will be the biggest loser, since a successful experience in the international arena will be lost… Our region will not become a safer region without the JCPOA.”

A withdrawal by the US will lead to an “appropriate and heavy response,” added foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi. “The US administration will definitely regret it,” he said on state television.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is due to travel for talks with the European parties to the deal — Britain, France, Germany and the EU — at the end of the week…


ISIS’ Chief Mufti Captured; Freed in Minutes for $7.5K

Clarion Project                   Monday, January 8, 2018

In a remarkable failure of the Iraqi justice system, ISIS’ religious leader was arrested and released just minutes later after paying a $7,500 bribe (Arabic link). The incident took place in a police station in Mosul, Iraq, according to local official Zuheir Hazzen el-Jaburi.

“I was in Mosul when a force from police intelligence arrested a man. After questioning they were told he was the mufti for the right bank of the [river in the] city – an ISIS member,” el-Jaburi said. “We asked people who he was, and they proved he really was ISIS’ mufti. After he was arrested, he left a motorbike behind. An hour later we saw the motorbike was no longer there. We inquired about it. They said he was released 10 minutes earlier after he paid 75 notes [$7,500].”

Famed for his long white beard, Abu Omar was not only the religious leader of Islamic State but also one of the organization’s executioners – reportedly joining in the stoning of homosexuals.

Apparently Abu Omer wasn’t the first terrorist to be freed in this way. El-Jaburi said this type of corruption is rife in Iraq…


Saudi Arabia intercepts ballistic missile fired from Yemen and blames Iranian-backed rebels

Associated Press and Sara Malm            The Daily Mail                   6 January 2018

Saudi Arabia intercepted a ballistic missile near the border with Yemen, state media reported, hours after Yemeni rebels said they had launched an attack.

The Shiite Houthi rebels, currently at war with the Saudi-led government coalition,  said they fired a missile Friday targeting a military camp in the southwestern Saudi city of Najran.

Saudi Arabia claims that the kingdom’s air defences intercepted the ballistic missile over Najran, while the Houthis announced that the ‘successful’ firing hit its target with ‘high accuracy.’…

The video and more…

Judge Reinstates Hamas/AMP Lawsuit

Abha Shankar                      IPT News                  January 8, 2018

A Chicago federal judge on Thursday reinstated a lawsuit alleging that a virulently anti-Israel group and several of its activists are “alter egos and/or successors” of a defunct U.S. based Hamas-support network previously found liable for the murder of an American teen in a 1996 terror attack.

American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) routinely sponsors conferences that serve as a platform for Israel bashers, and openly approves “resistance” against the “Zionist state.” One AMP official acknowledged the goal is to “to challenge the legitimacy of the State of Israel.”

AMP is also one of the principal advocates of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against the Jewish state. Its BDS campaigns include: Ramadan Date Boycott,SodaStreamStop the JNFStolen Homes/Airbnb, and Stop G4S. Because they include groups dedicated to Israel’s elimination and single out Israel for criticism while they ignore other nations with severe human rights abuses, BDS campaigns are considered inherently anti-Semitic.

U.S. District Court Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman not only vacated her earlier dismissal of the case, she also authorized limited discovery in the case. “[T]his Court placed too much weight to defendants’ declarations without providing plaintiffs with the opportunity to conduct limited jurisdictional discovery on the existence of an alter ego relationship. Accordingly, this Court will vacate its previous order dismissing the case … and permit plaintiffs to conduct discovery solely to address jurisdiction.”

This is a major victory for the family of 17-year-old David Boim. He was shot dead in Israel in May 1996 by Hamas terrorists. In a historic judgment, Boim’s parents Stanley and Joyce Boim won $156 million in damages against the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) and other members of the U.S. Hamas support network called the “Palestine Committee.” The Committee was created by the Muslim Brotherhood to advance Hamas’ agenda politically and financially in the United States.

The IAP was the first to publish the genocidal, anti-Semitic Hamas charter in English. Its fundraisers benefited the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), which – along with five former officials – was convicted in 2008 of illegally routing millions of dollars to Hamas. IAP fundraisers featured overt praise for Hamas, and skits in which Palestinians murderedIsraelis…


Tyson Plant Rejected by Kansas Citizens, But Welcomed by Gibson County Mayor

The people of Tongie “get it”… The mayor of Gibson County doesn’t… yet

Also, when you see the ambiguous term “South Asia” in the Mainstream Media…

…you can be sure that it really means “Pakistanis and/or Bangladeshis,”…

Hindus tend to avoid meat, and many are vegetarians…

…while Muslims have a real love for slaughtering and cutting meat

…an inclination that should concern us…   Dave

Chris Alto                 Tennessee Star                 January 8, 2018

The decision by Tyson Foods to open a meat-packing plant in Humboldt, Tennessee, welcomed recently by Gibson County Mayor Tom Witherspoon, came only after the facility was rejected by citizens in Tonganoxie, Kansas. The “big meat” company would have created approximately the same 1,500 jobs there that it says it will bring to rural Gibson County.

Witherspoon, elected as a Democrat in 2010 and 2014, is one of 45 county mayors who have endorsed GOP gubernatorial candidate Randy Boyd, the Knoxville businessman and former commissioner of the Tennessee Economic and Community Development Department.

Reuters reported in November 2017 that the decision by Tyson Foods to switch over to Humboldt came only after “the No Tyson in Tongie” citizen-led opposition defeated a proposed Tyson plant in Tonganoxie, Kansas, a town not much smaller than Humboldt. Several Kansas state legislators also committed to opposing the proposed Tyson plant.

Citizen opposition in the “Tongie” area was described as “staggering,” Twilight Greenaway reported at Moyers & Company, the website operated by far left journalist Bill Moyers.

That opposition was fueled in part by the secrecy in which the deal was arranged between Tyson executives and local officials until it was finally made public in September, Greenaway reported:

The Tyson plant was also a long-kept secret with the code name Project Sunset. Local lawmakers were asked to sign nondisclosure agreements when considering welcoming it to town, and the company is said to have worked through intermediaries when negotiating with the landowner over the 300-acre lot it would occupy.

But once the deal was done and the plan was made public, word traveled fast, and residents of the town started a group called Citizens Against Project Sunset (CAPS) and threw up a “No Tyson in Tongie” Facebook group that swelled to over 5,000 members. By last Friday, 2,500 people had gathered in a city park to oppose the development.

Then, on Monday, the Leavenworth County commissioners had rescinded its offer to pledge $500 million in revenue bonds for the facility. The next day, Tyson sent a letter to the county announcing that it had put the plans for the plant on hold.

Greenaway’s accounting of the “No Tyson in Tongie” defeat of Tyson Foods acknowledged that the issue of “new comers” arriving for meat-packing jobs also concerned residents. Greenaway notes that “most meat processing plants are now staffed almost entirely by immigrant and refugee populations from places like Somalia, Latin America and South Asia.”


DC Press Corps KNEW For a FULL YEAR Hillary Clinton Was Behind Russia Dossier – HID IT FROM PUBLIC

Cristina Laila                 The Gateway Pundit                     January 8, 2018

The DC press corps and prominent Washington journalists knew Hillary Clinton paid for the dossier as early as September of 2016 yet they suppressed the information and acted as if the salacious document was legit intel.

The liberal mainstream media WITHHELD THIS FROM THE AMERICAN PUBLIC FOR A YEAR! This is why Americans loathe the mainstream media. They are nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Democrats and Deep State hacks.

Paul Sperry of The New York Post said an ex-Trump campaign advisor told him prominent DC journalists admitted to him DURING the campaign they KNEW Hillary Clinton was behind the Russia dossier yet they continued to report as if the salacious document was legit intelligence!

Sperry tweeted: “BREAKING: ex-Trump campaign adviser says prominent Washington journalists told him DURING CAMPAIGN (early as Sept 2016) they KNEW Hillary Clinton was behind the anti-Trump dossier, and yet they SAT ON that critical information for a FULL YEAR & acted as if dossier was legit intel”…

Paul Sperry then reported: “BREAKING NEWS: DC press corps suppressed for full year the fact that Clinton campaign paid for the anti-Trump Russia dossier. Journalists knew Clinton behind dossier as early as September 2016 & kept mum, reporting dossier’s allegations as if they were legitimate intelligence!”…

They knew and they ALL LIED to the American public.


After CNN’s Brian Stelter Promoted ‘Fire And Fury’ Book Despite ‘Errors,’ Jake Tapper Hit Back

The Mainstream Media’s next hit job on Trump is already falling apart…   Dave

Frank Camp                The Daily Wire                  January 7, 2018

On Saturday, during a four-person panel on CNN, Brian Stelter told Fredricka Whitfield that “Fire and Fury,” Michael Wolff’s new book about the Trump administration, “holds up” even though there are “errors … in the text.”

The exchange began when Whitfield said, “And I wonder, Brian, if some people will kind of excuse that away because of so much of what’s written … really does seem in step with some of the behavior that’s already been exhibited. And so there may be some factual errors. Does it mean that there will be some readers … who will say, okay, you may have gotten some of this stuff wrong, but so much of it sounds familiar or possible?”

Stelter replied: “I think if people have doubts about the book, they should go out and read it for themselves, and that includes the White House aides that have tried to demean the book and call it all fiction. Journalists do and should hold each other to high standards, and that’s why there’s disappointment about the errors that are in the text, but the book itself does hold up. And when you hear the White House trying to trash the book, we have to remember what a low standard they have for credibility and accuracy. This is a White House that gets the facts wrong on an almost daily basis. President Trump made several false claims just in his Camp David event a couple hours ago. So, they’ve got a very low standard, even though we have to maintain high standards, and I think that’s the bottom line with this book.”

Stelter later tweeted the following: I stand corrected: I thought this RNC ad misquoted me, but the quote came from a @CNNI TV hit. So I’ve deleted my previous tweet about this. Big picture point: Wolff’s errors are sloppy, but many Trump experts say the book “rings true” overall. My advice: Read it — skeptically — Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) January 6, 2018

Stelter’s colleague at CNN, Jake Tapper, tweeted back: Having many errors but “ringing true” is not a journalistic standard… That said, quotes are quotes. And if facts can be ascertained by further reporting as true, that’s also a service. — Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) January 6, 2018

Encouraging one’s audience to read a book that contains a number of verifiable errors simply because it “rings true” isn’t much different from encouraging them to consume unverified gossip because it reflects an existing narrative. Tapper correctly called out Stelter in that regard…

The video and more…

French President Macron Scolds Journalists Over ‘Fake News,’ Offers Harsh Words on Immigration That Sound Familiar

Will Ricciardella                   Independent Journal Review                  Jan 8, 2018

French President Emmanuel Macron pulled no punches in his speech to French journalists this week. “You need a set of rules, he told the assembled press corps, some principles, an ethics code,” The New York Times reports. “And besides, you give too much weight to off-record quotes when it’s the official word that counts.”

The Times referred to Macron’s “scolding” of the French media as “audacious,” noting that such things have become his “style” these days.

During the speech, he also announced a new law addressing the issue of “fake news” in the French media. French opposition to Macron and policy agenda are weak, and he has firm support in the French Parliament, which the Times seemingly laments: “For now, he is the undisputed master of French politics and his absolute self-confidence — critics say, arrogance — is undaunted, when it comes to French journalism, its labor code, migration or almost anything else.”

Another area where Macron pulled no punches was the issue of immigration. “I can’t tell my middle classes who work, who pay taxes, that it’s great, we’re going to welcome everybody into the country,” Macron said, according to the Times.

Macron’s “sharp-elbowed” policy on immigration is a big change from that of Francois Hollande, his Socialist predecessor.

“We can’t take in everybody,” Macron said, according to the Times. “There must be rules. It’s indispensable that we check the identities of everyone, and when someone arrives in our country who is not eligible for asylum and has no chance of getting French citizenship, we can’t accept that they stay for months, years, in an irregular situation good for neither them nor the country.”


Clarion Organizes Groundbreaking Egyptian Women’s Protests: Clarion Project, in conjunction with Egyptian human rights lawyer Reda Eldanbouki, organized two groundbreaking demonstrations for women’s rights in Egypt against early and forced marriage.

Jordan says it foiled ‘massive’ terror plot linked to IS: Jordan’s state news agency says the country’s intelligence service has foiled a “massive” scheme of simultaneous attacks on military installations, shopping centers and other targets by a cell linked to Islamic State extremists.

This terrorist has chutzpah…   Dave

Defendant in Istanbul bombing trial asks to be set free: Turkish media say a suspect accused of organizing a suicide bomb attack that killed 12 Germans has requested his release from jail, arguing that he needs to take care of his children who he says are at risk of joining the Islamic State group.

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Islam Update: Anti-Regime Iran Protests 'Are Not Behind Us', Iranian Protesters Skirting the Government's tech Clampdown