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Confirmed: James Comey Leaked Classified Material

Posted: January 5, 2018 at 1:07 pm   /   by

It was widely suspected by many in conservative circles, following James Comey’s June testimony before Congress, that he leaked classified material to the press, when he gave the contents of his memos about conversations between himself and President Trump to a personal friend. There is now several sources that are confirming that at least some of those memos were in fact classified, which means Comey broke the law by disseminating them.

When Comey stood before the Senate Intelligence Committee last year he addressed the subject of classification surrounding his conversations with President Trump. In his testimony he specifically referred to his memos of those conversations—from which he asserted that Trump told him to “let go” of the investigation into Micheal Flynn, a charge the President denies—and said they were “unclassified” notes of the conversation.

He acknowledged in his testimony that he then shared these notes with Columbia University professor, Daniel Richman, to leak to the press, but, because of the way he himself spoke about the memos, it’s not clear that the former FBI director’s release of them was an illegal act of disseminating classified material.

At the time Trump made it clear that he thought Comey was clearly making a public acknowledgement of leaking, and called him out publicly over twitter. Most of the press, of course, rushed to defend Comey—though some did in fact report that Comey likely broke the law—and said the President had no basis for such an accusation, other than the obvious fact that conversations between a President and the head of the FBI are by definition classified.

No need for semantics any longer. The evidence has now clearly been viewed and all of it points to the reality that Comey did in fact break the law. On Thursday Fox News reported that Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA), who heads up the Senate Judiciary Committee had finally been able to gain access to those memos—though why it took so long is a mystery.

Grassley…penned a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein late Wednesday, saying he and his staff had reviewed the Comey memos which were “created purportedly memorializing his interactions with President Trump.” They did so in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) at the FBI and the Senate, because the FBI deemed the “majority of the memos” to be “classified.”

“Of the seven memos, four are marked classified at the ‘SECRET’or ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ levels,” Grassley wrote, adding that “only three did not contain classified information.”

Richman told Fox News in July that he indeed received four memos from Comey, but said none of them were marked classified.

Richman told Fox News that only the “substance” of one memo, not the physical document, was given to the press. “That was not classified at the time, and remains unclassified,” he said. 

But in his letter to Rosenstein, Grassley said that if Richman had four of the memos, it would appear one of them had classified information.

“If it’s true that Professor Richman had four of the seven memos, then in light of the fact that four of the seven memos the Committee reviewed are classified, it would appear that at least one memo the former FBI director gave Professor Richman contained classified information,” Grassley wrote.

Thursday evening, Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch, appeared on Lou Hobbs to discuss the Fox News report about Comey, and he corroborated Grassley’s concerns, but also indicated that all of the information contained within all memos, not only four of them, was classified.

We have a sworn declaration from David Hardy who is the Chief FOIA Officer of the FBI that we obtained just in the last few days. And in that sworn declaration Mr. Hardy says that all of Comey’s memos, all of them, were classified at the time they were written and they remain classified.

As if sensing the coming storm against him—was he leaked to?—Comey had tweeted out on Wednesday:

Where are the voices of all the leaders who know an independent Department of Justice and FBI are essential to our liberty? “You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say.” — Martin Luther

The sanctimony oozing from this only masks the obvious fear Comey must surely be feeling. As if on queue, it was none other than Grassley who responded indirectly later that day on his own twitter account, letting Comey know that the jig was up, and that the Senator was on to Comey’s crimes and abuse of power precisely because the FBI’s independence does not mean freedom from oversight.

Law enforcement shld NOT be independent of constitutional oversight. Like the military, FBI/DOJ accountability to ELECTED leaders is essential for liberty. We are ACCOUNTABLE to the PEOPLE in our representative govt. Hoover FBI was unaccountable/did great harm w abuses of power

The corruption that appears to have been running rampant in the Obama FBI and DOJ is continuing to be exposed daily, and the poster child for that corruption, the two-faced, James Comey, is caught in the crosshairs with nowhere for him to hide.

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Confirmed: James Comey Leaked Classified Material