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USA’s Nikki Haley and Israel’s Danny Danon Stand Tall at the UN General Assembly

Posted: December 21, 2017 at 2:40 pm   /   by

Israel-bashers and Jew-haters in suits and ties, plus timid, dissembling ambassadors from countries that surely know better, voted on December 21 in the UN General Assembly to ‘nullify’ the United States’ formal recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Talk about chutzpah!

This absurd “resolution” is a pointless gesture because the UN cannot dictate any such thing to any nation. Nor can it tell any sovereign nation where it may or may not locate its own capital. The UN has once again brought shame and dishonor to itself and its charter.

Jews have lived continuously in Israel for over 3000 years, Jerusalem has always been its capital, and Israel is the only sovereign state that ever existed on that land.  In his presentation, Ambassador Danon of Israel held up a 2000-year-old Israeli coin as evidence of Jerusalem being Israel’s capital.

Those who want to learn more about Jerusalem and Israel can read about in a book – it’s called The Bible. And for those who don’t like to read, there are many fine movies about it as well.

Granted, this absurdity may not rate as the UN’s darkest hour, but is is surely among its dumbest.

Ambassador Haley made it quite plain that (1) the US is “taking names” and (2) the UN may suffer financial and other consequences for  this disrespectful insult to both the United States and Israel.

Kudos to Ambassadors Haley and Danon!


[Author’s note: After posting on Facebook another article on the Security Council resolution vote of December 18, Facebook’s censors suspended my account due to alleged “technical problems”. As usual, they have not responded to any of my inquiries. If you like this article, please share the URL directly with your contacts. But be forewarned that if you share via Facebook, their political censors may suspend or otherwise restrict your account as well. It’s what they do.]

David Leeper

David Leeper

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David Leeper

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USA's Nikki Haley and Israel's Danny Danon Stand Tall at the UN General Assembly