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FBI Affidavit: Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez Was Murdered.

Posted: December 7, 2017 at 8:29 am   /   by

An FBI agent believes U.S. Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez was murdered, according to a sworn affidavit filed in a federal court this week.

Martinez was patrolling near Interstate 10, by the US-Mexico border, on the night of Saturday, November 18. He and his partner, Stephen Garland,  responded to reports of “activity,” border officials said. After they responded to the call, Martinez’s partner reported that they were both injured and needed help, Customs and Border Protection said.
The two were found in a culvert — a tunnel used for water drainage — 12 miles east of the town of Van Horn, when authorities arrived on scene. This according to the FBI. The men suffered traumatic head injuries and other wounds such as broken bones. Martinez died the next day; his partner survived, but said he doesn’t remember what happened.
In the ensuing investigation, Culberson County Sheriff Oscar Carrillo told the Dallas Morning News he believed a tractor-trailer may have inadvertently struck the agents, however, initial reports from both the Border Patrol and FBI investigators hinted at a planned assault.
Chris Cabrera, spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council, said Martinez died after an “ambush” and suggested that drug traffickers frequented the area.
It was a brutal attack. This was something well thought out and planned. They executed their plan.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s office called Martinez’s death a murder, and President Trump tweeted that those responsible will be brought to justice, and has used the issue to highlight the need for a wall. The FBI said it was investigating a “potential assault on a federal officer.”
Now in a sworn affidavit one of the FBI agents involved in the investigation says it was definitely murder, and they have two suspects according to FOX News.

In the affidavit, the FBI agent requests a search warrant for a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am that he believes “will contain trace evidence relating to drug trafficking, the murder of Agent Martinez and the assault of Agent Garland.”…the FBI investigator said an informant told a Customs and Border Protection agent that two brothers who were recently smuggled into the United States spoke about assaulting the agents.

Further investigation found that those two brothers are Antonio and Jesus Munoz, authorities said. But upon questioning, both brothers denied any role in the attack on the agents, according to the affidavit.

However, Daniel Munoz admitted to picking up his brother Antonio in a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am in Presidio, Texas, around Nov. 20. Antonio Munoz told the FBI in an interview that he entered the United States illegally sometime before Nov. 20…

The search warrant was filed so investigators could thoroughly search the Pontiac used to pick up Munoz. The car could have evidence like clothing fibers and hair that could pertain to the investigation.

“When two individuals struggle, the physical components of their person can be exchanged, as well,” the agent wrote in the affidavit…

According to another witness who was traveling with the boys, she claimed to overhear them speaking about entering the country with methamphetamine and heroine.

Both Munoz brothers are illegal entrants into the country, and on Nov. 29, Antonio Munoz made an initial appearance before a magistrate judge on those civil charges. It remains unclear what happened that fateful night when Agent Martinez’s life was taken, but it now appears he was murdered, and that the main suspects are two illegal aliens drug-dealers.

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FBI Affidavit: Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez Was Murdered.