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Numbers Are in for Trump’s First Year: Illegal Immigration Way Down!

Posted: December 6, 2017 at 8:54 am   /   by

As we come to the end of Donald Trump’s first year as President of the United States, it is clear that his commitment to border security, even if only serving to support and defend current laws in place and the men and women who enforce them, coupled with his continued to push towards the building of a wall along the U.S./Mexico border has already caused illegal immigration numbers to drop drastically from his predecessors.

During fiscal year 2017, there were a total of 310,531 apprehensions by U.S. Border Patrol nationwide. That’s the lowest its been in at least 17 years, and of those apprehensions, nearly 98 percent were along the Southwest border. Apprehensions are used as an indicator to measure illegal border crossings.

April 2017 was the month with the lowest border enforcement activity on record, according to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), which oversees Border Patrol, with 11,127 apprehensions. Those numbers have crept back up as the year progress, probably an indication that the lack of immediate implementation of many of Trump’s policies have encouraged illegal crossers that something may not happen after all. However the numbers are still well below anything from recent past presidential tenures.

ABC reported:

Illegal immigration, particularly along the southwest border, “declined sharply” from Jan. 21 to April, said CBP Acting Deputy Commissioner Ronald D. Vitiello during a press conference Tuesday.

CBP in May began to see a “month-over-month increase in apprehensions and inadmissible cases along the Southwest border, notably from children either as part of a family unit or unaccompanied by their parent or legal guardian,” Vitiello said.

By the end of the fiscal year, Border Patrol apprehended 75,622 family members and 41,435 children…

Border security and illegal immigration enforcement have been pillars of Donald Trump’s presidency since taking office in January.

On January 25, Trump signed an executive order that expanded Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) enforcement policies and directed the department to no longer exempt any class of undocumented immigrant.

In practice this has meant more arrests and more leeway for agents in the field.

Taken together, Trump’s policies have led to a 45-year low on border crossings according to Thomas Homan, ICE’s deputy director and senior official performing the duties of the director.

That’s not a coincidence, that’s based on this president and his belief in letting the men and women of ICE and Border Patrol do their job…

If you choose to violate the laws of this country, you should be concerned.

In fiscal year 2017, ICE arrested 143,470 people on immigration violations — the highest number of these type of arrests over the past three years.

There were 30 percent more immigration-related arrests in 2017 compared to the previous year, according to ICE’s end-of-year report.

And it’s not just non-criminal arrests that are being made—being in the country illegal is a civil violation, not a criminal one. As ABC noted:

Arrests of criminals were up 12 percent over the previous year. ICE immigration officers arrested 105,736 criminal aliens in fiscal year 2017, compared to 10,985 in 2016.

However, non-criminal arrests have risen at a faster rate, which rose more than fifty percent compared to last year. According to ICE, non-criminal arrests are up because under the previous administration agents mostly were prevented from making those arrests.

There is a backlog that is being cleared out, including people that have received a final order or removal from an immigration judge, according to ICE officials.

Homan also used today’s announcement to rail against so-called sanctuary cities – municipalities that in some way decline to cooperate with ICE — saying they entice more illegal immigration.

More people are going to die coming to this country trying to get to sanctuary cities. This isn’t just about law enforcement, this is about saving lives.

Interestingly, overall ICE deportations, known as removals, were down around 6 percent compared to last year, which ICE attributed to the dramatically lower number of illegal border crossings.

Trump’s polices are meeting the problem at its source, by stopping the swell of people entering illegally, through both more efficient enforcement and effective deterrents, rather then waiting until they are embedded in society, making locating them that much harder.

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Numbers Are in for Trump's First Year: Illegal Immigration Way Down!