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Is Anti-Trump FBI Agent Peter Strzok Being Turned Into Patsy To Cover for FBI Sins?

Posted: December 5, 2017 at 1:14 pm   /   by

Last weekend the Washington Post and New York Times ran stories outing FBI agent Peter Strzok as a former member of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel who had been removed from the so-called investigation into Russian/Trump collusion this past summer for disseminating anti-Trump tweets.

Those stories raised serious questions, that had already plagued Mueller’s team from the beginning because of his obvious conflicts of interest, about the impartial nature of the investigation.

With each passing day though it appears that Strzok is being turned into a catch-all fall guy for all of the sins—at least the ones that we know of—regarding, not just the Russian/Trump probe, but the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

Conservative blogger sundance laid out the case that Strzok “is either the hardest working politically-biased FBI investigator in the history of the agency, or he’s being set-up as a scapegoat” If you follow the events that are playing out it seems very likely that the reason for the illegal leak of the information of Strzok, which continues to flow from anonymous sources within the FBI and Justice Department, is to turn attention away from all the other players in this ongoing saga, and put all eyes on Strzok.


  • The larger stories today seem to build out on a specific narrative that appears, well constructed, to further defend those interests. The Deep State, and the ‘Black Hat’ operatives within it, is/are circling the wagons per se’.
  • A part of that clear strategy now appears to be a willingness to throw Deputy Head of Counterintelligence, FBI Agent Peter Strzok, under the bus in an effort to avoid their own culpability in politicized FBI investigative practices.
  • A day of headlines, explosive headlines, appear entirely shaped to make Deputy Head of Counterintelligence, FBI Agent Peter Strzok, the scapegoat. Let’s take a look at what roles the media are assigning to Strzok from recent publishing.
  • According to media reporting: Peter Strzok was the lead FBI agent in charge of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.
  • Additionally, his role was so important… Agent Peter Strzok was one of a small group who actually interviewed Hillary Clinton.
  • Agent Strzok was also reported as the FBI contact person to receive the Russian Dossier and interview the author Christopher Steele. [Remember, Hillary Clinton’s team paid Christopher Steele (via Fusion GPS) to create the dossier.]
  • Throughout 2016 Agent Strzok was the primary counterintelligence investigator for the ‘vast Russian election-hacking conspiracy’, and subsequent narrative.
  • Agent Strzok was then hired, this year, by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to lead the FBI unit investigative efforts into the “Russian Election Collusion/Conspiracy.”
  • Over the weekend reports of agent Strzok being removed from the Mueller Team after the OIG Inspector General discovered anti-Trump/pro-Clinton content within his internal communication. That DOJ-OIG investigation has been going on all year. [Did anyone know this?]
  • Yet the internal leaks, to the media, about Strzok, only surfaced now that the OIG is close to completing their investigation and reporting on the findings. Very conspicuous -and opportunistic- timing.
  • Within today’s media cycle the framework around Agent Strzok expands with additional information: “[He] was the person who interviewed National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn on January 24th, 2017″
  • And, additionally for the scapegoat narrative we learn, “agent Strzok never informed Flynn he was going to be interviewed.” [A classic set-up/ambush tactic]
  • The Flynn interview led to charges of “misleading the FBI” and Mueller charging him with lying to the FBI…
  • [Media outlets are reporting that] Agent Strzok was the actual person who changed the wording of the FBI Director James Comey script …which changed the outcome from “clearly illegal” to a matter of “poor judgement.”
  • Amid an investigative department of over 35,000 FBI people, we are led to believe Agent Strzok was a one-man investigative and determination machine. He must never sleep, huh?
  • Meanwhile, according to this playbook, script and ridiculous narrative, poor FBI Director James Comey was tricked, or something…. Don’t look at Comey, look at Peter Strzok etc.
  • Don’t look at FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe… Look at Peter Strzok.
  • Don’t look at Asst. DOJ Sally Yates who traveled to the White House to discuss Flynn’s ambush. Don’t look at senior member of the DOJ’s National Security Division, Bill Priestap, who accompanied her…. LOOK only at Peter Strzok !!!

All of the events that are playing out point inexcorably to the fact that a vast stick-up job is being done to take the public’s eyes off of the sins committed by the intelligence and justice community under the Obama administration, all while Mueller’s team continues it’s work to find anything they can try and impeach the President for. Let’s hope Americans don’t fall for it.

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Is Anti-Trump FBI Agent Peter Strzok Being Turned Into Patsy To Cover for FBI Sins?