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Jihad Report: Trump’s Anti-Muslim Tweets

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Posted: December 3, 2017 at 7:00 am   /   by

London Mayor Calls for Trump’s UK Trip to Be Canceled After Anti-Muslim Tweets

Having seen President Trump point out the elephant in the room on many occasions…

…causing the PC crowd to howl in outrage, only to find out that Trump was right all along…

…my sense is that he is setting his sights on Islamists and their enablers in the West…

By the time he is done his accusers will be in pieces on the floor…   Dave

William Steakin              Independent Journal Review                 Nov 30, 2017

London Mayor Sadiq Khan ripped into President Donald Trump on Thursday for retweeting anti-Muslim videos from a “vile, extremist group,” adding that as a result, the president should not be welcomed in the U.K.

“It’s increasingly clear that any official visit from President Trump to Britain would not be welcomed,” Khan, who is Muslim, said in a statement


London’s Muslim Mayor Calls for Trump Ban After Retweets, Church of England Demands Apology from President

To get a sense of how Islam is now controlling Britain…

…note that President Trump’s tweeting of those videos is now a criminally prosecutable hate crime…

Free speech is dead in Britain, and so is democracy, which needs free speech to function…

These responses are the kind we have come to expect from North Korea or Iran…

Who would have thought that Britain could have sunk so low?…   Dave

T.A. Reid              Headlines of Today              Nov 30, 2017

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has claimed U.S. President Donald Trump showed “support” for Britain First by retweeting a series of videos Wednesday, and renewed his call for the leader of the free world to be banned from the United Kingdom. A member of the British Parliament also called for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate the president and put him on a security watch list, while the leader of the Church of England demanded an apology and implied the retweets were racist…

The mayor has previously compared Mr. Trump to Islamic State and flew to the U.S. to campaign against his election, implying his presidency would aid Islamic terrorists and their narrative…

In his new statement, Mr Khan said the president had demonstrated “support” for the fringe, racist group Britain First – although it is not clear Mr. Trump was aware who they were when he retweeted a retweet from one of their leaders. Mr. Khan wrote: “Many Brits who love America and Americans will see this as a betrayal of the special relationship between our two countries. It beggars belief that the President of our closest ally doesn’t see that his support of this extremist group actively undermines the values of tolerance and diversity that make Britain great.”

He also insisted the prime minister and government use any influence they “claim to have with the President” to “ask him to delete these tweets and apologise to the British people”…

Mr. Khan is not the only British public figure to attack and insult the president since he shared the videos on Wednesday.

Labour MP David Lammy claimed that the “sharing of those videos is a crime in the UK called inciting hatred”, adding: “We should be asking the FBI to investigate, putting [President Trump] on a watch list and barring him from entry to our country.”…


US to Aid Christian Militias, Refugees Directly

We have helped the Kurds carve out and defend a homeland for themselves…

…and we helped the Israelis carve out and defend a homeland for themselves…

Why not help the Christians…

…who have been living in the Middle East for 2000 years…

…and who are being ethnically cleansed from the region…

…carve out and defend a homeland for themselves too?

Of all the militias in Iraq and Syria, the Christian ones are the most likely to be good long-term allies…   Dave

Clarion Project               The Clarion Project             Sunday, November 26, 2017

In a major victory for the defense of Christians in the Middle East, Congress recently passed a bill that calls for direct aid to the Christian units operating in the Nineveh Plains.

Up to now, the Christian forces and the Kurdish Peshmerga have both faced chronic shortages in equipment and funding, as most aid was sent to Iraq’s central government.

An amendment to the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act calls on Iraq to ensure “defense equipment and material are getting to Sunni, Kurdish and Christian groups, including the minority groups of the Nineveh Plain,” and that “the U.S. should provide arms, training, and appropriate equipment to vetted elements of the Nineveh Plain Council.”

A total of about $1.3 billion is budgeted for military aid to Iraq, the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Christian groups for 2018.

The shift represents accelerated progress since the release of Clarion Project’s FaithKeepers movie, which kicked off a groundswell of public engagement for protecting minorities in the Middle East.

When Rep. Jeff Fortenberry offered a similar amendment to last year’s defense bill, it was rejected. This year’s legislation containing the language now awaits President Donald J. Trump’s signature, having cleared both the House and Senate.

In another sign of change, the defense bill’s final version saw the removal of preconditions that the $345 million in aid for the Kurdish Peshmerga is contingent upon “participation in the government of a unified Iraq.”

The groundbreaking moves follow Rep. Trent Franks’ bipartisan resolution recognizing the self-determination of Iraq’s Kurds. The resolution was authored by Clarion Project’s Kurdish affairs analyst, Zach D. Huff.

In October, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence announced that relief funds sent to the United Nations would be diverted to USAID programs to assist persecuted Christians directly.

“Christianity is under unprecedented assault in those ancient lands where it first grew,” Pence said. “Across the wider Middle East, we can now see a future in many areas without a Christian faith. But tonight, I came to tell you: Help is on the way.”…


White House releases ‘explosive’ tally of green cards issued in ‘chain migration’

80,000 unvetted chain migrants from Iran… scary thought…   Dave

Fox News                 November 30, 2017

Between 2005 and 2015 the U.S. permanently resettled roughly 9.3 million new immigrants on the basis of family ties; James Rosen goes in-depth for ‘Special Report.’

For the first time, the White House said, the federal government has counted the green cards issued between 2005 and 2015 to migrants admitted through family preference, or as immediate relatives of migrants already admitted into the country in perhaps the fullest portrait of “chain migration” ever developed.

“For years, we’ve known that large numbers of immigrants have been coming based on petitions from previous immigrants,” U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Lee Cissna told Fox News. “But this is the first time we really kind of see the whole scope of the problem. And legislators or policymakers at DHS can do what they need to do address the problem.”

During the ten-year time frame, officials said, the U.S. permanently resettled roughly 9.3 million new immigrants on the basis of family ties.

That’s more than 70 percent of all new immigration in that period, the White house said, adding it is also the primary driver of low-skilled workers’ entry into the U.S. A phenomenon analyst say most directly hurts American minority groups with comparable skills.

“These numbers are explosive. They show that American immigration skews almost entirely towards family-based admissions,” said a White House official who briefed Fox News on the data.

Mexico is at the top of the list with 1.7 million admissions, India and the Philippines each have more than 600,000, and Iran has more than 80,000


Muslim Imam ROASTS Linda Sarsour And Barack Obama On Twitter. Here’s What He Said.

Ryan Saavedra                The Daily Wire                  November 30, 2017

Prominent Islamic reformer Imam Mohammad Tawhidi zapped leftist Islamic activist Linda Sarsour and former President Barack Obama in two tweets on Wednesday.

Tawhidi’s first tweet took aim at Sarsour, who previously tweeted: “Tomorrow is an ELECTION. Take your frustrations to the polls. Vote against bigotry, hate, xenophobia. Use your vote. It counts.”…

Here’s Tawhidi’s response roasting Sarsour: “Voting is against your Sharia Law. Nice try.”…

Tawhidi’s second tweet piggybacked off this tweet from President Donald Trump that took aim at former President Barack Obama: “Funny to hear the Democrats talking about the National Debt when President Obama doubled it in only 8 years!”…

Here’s Tawhidi’s response: “Obama also doubled Islamic terrorism.”…

Even left-leaning PolitiFact seems to agree with Tawhidi’s assertion, rating the following statement from former President Obama in September of 2016 as “mostly false”: “If you look worldwide, the number of terrorist incidents have not substantially increased.”

PolitiFact cites a couple of different sources showing a varying degree of just how much terrorist attacks increased under Obama.

Figures from the U.S. State Department, which used strict and narrow criteria for what it defined as terrorism, indicated that global terrorism increased approximately 7% from 10,999 in 2009 to 11,774 in 2015.

However, PolitiFact also cited the START Global Terrorism Database (GTD), which used slightly different criteria to measure terrorist attacks, and according to their numbers, terrorism rose a stunning 214% from 2009 to 2015. So, based on the statistics provided by GTD, Tawhidi’s tweet about Obama is accurate…


Sex in America, Part 2

On the surface, this piece is about sex scandals…

At a deeper level, it shows how Leftists and liberals operate…

In one way or another, they have been bought by the groups they support…

…whether they are politicians who promote Leftist agendas…

…or oil rich donors from the Middle East…

And that’s all that matters…

The Liberal/Left moral framework revolves around alliances rather than any objective standard of justice…

It is the definition of corruption…   Dave

Ann Coulter                  TownHall                 Nov 29, 2017

At least liberals are finally telling the truth about Bill Clinton — and just 20 years after it mattered! Of course, considering it took the Democratic Party a century to discover that slavery was wrong, two decades is lightning speed for these moral paragons.

While edging up to admitting that Bill Clinton maybe shouldn’t have raped Juanita Broaddrick and flashed Paula Jones, liberals still can’t own up to their utterly hypocritical defense of a president credibly accused of repeated sexual assaults and associated felonies.

Recently, The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd tried to cover up the left’s shameful response to Clinton’s sleazy behavior with the “both sides” argument. According to Dowd, liberals “tried to kill off” Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas “over sex when the real reason they wanted to get rid of him was politics.” And then conservatives “tried to kill off a Democratic president over sex when the real reason they wanted to get rid of him was politics.”

Here are three important differences off the top of my head:

1) Anita Hill’s accusations against Thomas involved words — just words — whereas Clinton was accused by multiple women of being a sexual predator on a scale to rival Harvey Weinstein.

2) The evidence against Thomas consisted of a single accuser, with no corroborating witnesses. The evidence against Clinton included, among other things, multiple witnesses; contemporaneous corroborating witnesses; secretly recorded confessions of the assaults and liaisons from Clinton himself (the Gennifer Flowers tape), Monica Lewinsky (Linda Tripp tapes) and Juanita Broaddrick (two separate tapes by people who wanted her to tell the truth about the rape); a DNA-stained dress; and, eventually, when he had absolutely no other choice, Clinton’s own admission under oath.

3) As Dowd says, the left was using Hill’s made-up charges against Thomas to save Roe v. Wade. By contrast, it’s absurd to imagine that Republicans were enraged by the policies of President Clinton — a neoliberal, Third-Way, welfare-reform-signing, Ricky Ray Rector-executing Democrat. Clinton was the last of a vanishing breed, the moderate Democrat. That just wasn’t a good enough reason to overlook his repeated sexual assaults, felonies and bald-faced lies.

It was liberals, and only liberals, who did an about-face on everything they supposedly believed about sexual harassment for political gain. The exact same people who had pretended to need smelling salts when told Thomas had joked about “Long Dong Silver” in the offices of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (never happened) were suddenly A-OK with a governor summoning a lowly state employee to his hotel room, dropping his pants and saying, “Kiss it.”

The erstwhile lynch mob against Clarence Thomas was fine with a presidential candidate using his campaign staff (including ABC’s George Stephanopoulos) to squelch “bimbo eruptions.”

Liberals were totally copacetic with the president of the United States using the full power of his office to smear his victims as liars, bimbos, trailer park trash and — in the case of Monica Lewinsky — a “stalker.”

In the middle of the Lewinsky scandal, feminist icon Gloria Steinem penned a New York Times op-ed launching the all-new “One Free Grope” rule. Steinem explained that Clinton’s smooth “kiss it” line to Paula Jones merely showed that — I quote — “Clinton took ‘no’ for an answer.”

No correction to Steinem’s pronouncement was issued days later when news of Juanita Broaddrick’s rape charge against Clinton began to circulate.

(If you doubt that the media are run by the totalitarian left, note that Steinem’s op-ed has been wiped from the Times’ archives. So I guess liberals do know how to wipe hard drives!)

Clinton was impeached for perjury and other felonies he committed to defeat Jones’ sexual harassment claim against him. Not one Democrat in the Senate voted to remove him from office. Not one.

As a consequence, the rule on sexual assault at least since Teddy Kennedy drowned Mary Jo Kopechne was this: Liberals were free to grope, rape and drown women and to smear them and their defenders. But conservatives, lacrosse players, fraternity members, pompous Fox News hosts and other objects of liberal hate would be destroyed at the slightest hint of any sexual impropriety, whether true or comically false.

What didn’t matter: The nature of the charge, credibility of the accuser, use of force, contemporaneous witnesses, photographic evidence, DNA evidence …

What mattered: Who’s the accused?

It would be as if pollution laws were enforced only against companies with Republican CEOs. Oh! It’s Harvey Weinstein’s firm? My mistake — go ahead, dump toxic chemicals into this pristine river.

That’s why the most shocking revelation to emerge from The New York Times’ expose of Weinstein last month was that it was published at all. Least shocking was that, before Ronan Farrow took his detailed account of Weinstein’s assaults to The New Yorker, NBC killed the story…


Exclusive — Roy Moore Campaign to Jimmy Kimmel: If You Want to ‘Mock Our Christian Values,’ ‘Come Down Here’ to Alabama to ‘Do It Man to Man’

This isn’t comedy… It is harassment and defamation…

Strange how Jimmy Kimmel never pulls these kinds of stunts in a mosque…    Dave

Matthew Boyle                 Breitbart News               30 Nov 2017

THEODORE, Alabama — The U.S. Senate campaign of Judge Roy Moore is firing back at Jimmy Kimmel and his paid trickster Rich Barbieri—also known as “Jake Byrd”—for disrupting a worship service at which Moore spoke here on Wednesday night.

“Jimmy Kimmel and the ‘Hollywood elite’ cross the line when they invade our Churches under a disguise and attempt to make a mockery of our worship services,” Drew Messer, a senior adviser to Moore, told Breitbart News on Thursday morning after the incident at the church on Wednesday night.

On Wednesday evening, after the pastor of Magnolia Springs Baptist Church here in Theodore, Alabama, just outside Mobile warned attendees of a worship service at which Moore was speaking multiple times that it was against the law in Alabama to disrupt worship services, Barbieri proceeded to interrupt the worship service during Moore’s speech.

Earlier during the Judge’s remarks, a leftist protester who infiltrated the church started shouting at Moore. “But the whole town says you did it!” the man yelled as Moore began debunking the allegations against him. “The entire town? All the girls are lying?”

As Breitbart News reported on Wednesday night:

The man was shouted down by the entire church and then escorted out by police officers on site.

“Get on out of here!” another man yelled at the lone unruly protester as police escorted the disrupter out. “You ought to be ashamed. You’re in a Church. You ought to be ashamed to even be from here! Get on out of here!”

Then, the church’s pastor retook the microphone for a moment before handing it back to Moore. “I must remind everyone present this is a worship service,” the pastor said. “And by the way it is illegal to disturb a worship service.”

The crowd cheered. “The next one who disturbs the service will be turned over to the police,” the pastor added to resounding cheers. “As the pastor of this church, I’m saying we’re going to do things peacefully and in order. If you love Roy Moore or you hate Roy Moore, listen.”

The pastor had earlier in the evening also warned event-goers against disrupting the worship service, so this constituted his second warning. But that did not stop Barbieri—whose character on Kimmel’s show is “Jake Byrd”—from disrupting the event and being escorted out by police…


Democratic Senators Call on Israel to Halt Razing of Illegal Arab Construction

US senators are opposing the demolition of unauthorized Palestinian structures that were built illegally. 

Oh, look… It’s the usual gang of idiots…

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Diane Feinstein, and touchy-feely Al Franken!   Dave

United with Israel              Nov 30, 2017

Democratic US senators have called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday to stop the planned demolition of two illegally built Palestinian villages, claiming that the move could endanger Israel’s future.

The Times of Israel reported that 10 members of the Democratic Party signed the letter, including Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Diane Feinstein, Al Franken and Brian Schatz.

The letter urged Netanyahu to scrap an order to demolish the Palestinian villages of Sussiya and Khan al-Amar, situated in the Hebron area. While both are not authorized and were built illegally, the plans to raze the villages, as prescribed by law, have sparked international outcry.

“Efforts to forcibly evict entire Palestinian communities and expand settlements not only directly imperil a two-state solution, but we believe also endanger Israel’s future as a Jewish democracy,” the authors claimed in the letter.

The letter is harsh in its assault on Israel and is even reminiscent of language used by anti-Israel organizations.

“Instead of forcibly evicting these communities, we encourage your government to fairly re-evaluate Sussiya’s professionally developed master plan and provide the residents of Khan al-Ahmar equal building rights,” the letter read.

Sussiya’s illegal Palestinian structures are situated in Area C, officially fully controlled by Israel as per the 1993 Oslo peace accords.

The Obama administration had previously put pressure on Jerusalem on the issue, threatening a severe response if Israel acted in accordance with its own law.

These so-called defenders of human rights have exercised a double standard with regard to Jews. They choose to remain silent and fail to defend Jews whose homes are destroyed under the pretense that they are “built illegally” on allegedly privately owned Palestinian land.

We must let these US representatives know that their duplicity is unacceptable and shameful.  

  1. ContactSenator Bernie Sanders
  2. ContactSenator Elizabeth Warren
  3. ContactSenator Diane Feinstein
  4. ContactSenator Al Franken
  5. ContactSenator Brian Schatz

More on the Jihad Threat this Christmas and New Year’s Season

Christopher W. Holton                 Terror Trends Bulletin              November 30, 2017

Both the Islamic State and Al Qaeda have issued audio, video or online threats to attack the West this Christmas. These threats focus on European population centers, such as Paris and London, and New York City in America, though the possibility of Jihadi attacks in other places in the West can certainly not be discounted. History has shown that places as diverse geographically as Brussels, Berlin and San Bernardino have all been targeted, especially at Christmas time.

Lone Wolf or Individual Jihad?

The possible attacks in the West could take the form of organized, planned attacks directed from Jihadi leaders overseas or inside Europe or America, or they could be carried out by individuals “inspired” by Jihadist ideology.

Ironically, very often, Western media and officials seem to take some form of weird comfort when a deadly attack ends up being the work of an individual jihadi, as opposed to an organized cell or affiliate of a known terrorist group.

In reality, the opposite should be the case. First of all, none of the Jihadist groups–Islamic State, Al Qaeda, HAMAS, Hezbollah, the Taliban, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, Lashkar e Taiba, Ansar al-Sharia, Abu Sayyef, Jemaah Islamiyeh–issue membership cards or wear uniforms. So a case can be made that classification of an attacker as “inspired” or “directed” could be a distinction without a difference.

But there is a difference between a cell such as the 19 hijackers who carried out the September 11 attacks after training and planning conducted by Al Qaeda’s leadership and infrastructure, and the husband and wife team who shot up a Christmas party of people they knew and worked with in San Bernardino. (Though it is vital that we understand that their acts are based on the same Islamic doctrine and they are tied together by the same Jihadist ideology.)

So which flavor of Jihadi is more dangerous? If you’re on the receiving end of an attack, it makes no difference to you, but by casualty count, the cell would appear to pose a greater threat. On the other hand, the inspired attacks seem to happen much more frequently.

A case can be made that individual Jihadis pose a greater challenge for our intelligence and law enforcement communities. Cells have to be organized, trained and communicated back and forth with. All of this provides opportunities for detection and even infiltration. Individual jihadis don’t offer any of these potential vulnerabilities. One can infiltrate a cell, especially one in which members are using cell phones and email to contact each other and leaders elsewhere. How does one infiltrate one guy, like the Chattanooga, Tennessee shooter, the Orlando shooter or the Uzbeki vehicle jihad attacker in New York City?

If the individual jihadi isn’t communicating with others and no one is aware of his or her plans, how are our intelligence and law enforcement assets supposed to detect them “left of bang” (before the attack)?

Unfortunately, here in the West, and the U.S. in particular, we have failed to even properly identify the nature of the threat. A popular term in Western vernacular to describe the threat of individual jihad is the term “lone wolf.”

The term “lone wolf” does not appear in Islamic doctrine, nor is it part of any Jihadist group ideology. What is part of Islamic doctrine and Jihadist ideology is the concept of Jihad as an individual obligation. So what we have been seeing around the world are acts of individual jihad based on Islamic doctrine and Jihadist ideology. Given the basis for these attacks, they are not “senseless violence.” We can explain and understand these attacks based upon Islamic doctrine and Jihadist ideology.

Most importantly, the wave of individual jihadi attacks in recent years is all part of plans articulated by Jihadi ideologues:

Successful jihad will only happen within an ummah [Islamic nation or community] in which the fighting creed is firmly established and clarified. This must happen in order to attain the “Revolutionary Jihadist Climate” that will spontaneously give rise to instruments of resistance.

 Violent jihad is as an individual duty obligatory upon every Muslim. All the ulema have said this…”

The Call to Global Islamic Resistance
Abu Musab al-Suri
Al Qaeda propagandist
Captured in Pakistan 2005

We are now seeing this “Revolutionary Jihadist Climate” in the West as evidenced by the rise of seemingly spontaneous acts of Jihad carried out by individual Muslims with no known direct contacts with Jihadist organizations. It is this threat that we are most likely to see this Christmas…


Muslim population to TRIPLE in some EU countries by 2050

THE Muslim population in some countries across Europe looks set to triple by 2050, according to a new report.

This news reminds me of “A Christmas Carol,” where Scrooge implores the ghost of Christmas yet to come…

…”Are these the shadows of the things that will be, or are they shadows of things that may be, only?”…

Change is possible, but resolve is necessary!   Dave

Will Kirby            The Express (UK)                Thu, Nov 30, 2017

Under current highest-level projections, almost one in three people in Sweden will be Muslim by 2050 while Germany’s population will be 19.7 per cent Muslim.

The Muslim population in Britain, currently around 6.3 per cent (4.13 million), is expected to reach 16.7 per cent (13.48 million).

In Germany, the Muslim population – 4.95 million in 2016 – is expected to soar to 17.49 million people if high migration continues, more than tripling.

In the same scenario, Italy’s Muslim population in 2016 would be 2.87 times larger in 2050, with a Muslim population of 8.25 million.

The report reveals a stark east-west divide, with the Muslim share of the populations in Germany, France, Austria and Belgium expected to be at least 18 per cent of the total populations by 2050 if high migration continues.

In Poland, the Muslim population, which is currently less than 0.1 per cent is expected to grow to 0.2 per cent.

Higher fertility and rates and a younger age profile mean that even if all 28 EU members, as well as Norway and Switzerland, closed their borders, the Muslim population in Europe would continue to grow in the west but remain low in Eastern Europe…


MERKEL’S DISASTER: Chancellor coalition hopes now hit by COUP in Germany

DESPERATE Angela Merkel is facing a fresh political crisis after her attempts to form a coalition were derailed by a leadership coup.

Change is coming…

Germany’s politicians realize that support for massive Muslim immigration is political suicide…   Dave

Mark Chandler              The Express (UK)             Thu, Nov 30, 2017

Her Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU), is now engaged in a bitter struggle for power.

Rebels in the party have attempted to seize control from leader Horst Seehofer, a key Merkel ally.

And they now want Markus Soder to head up the party, a man who is less keen on the Chancellor’s immigration policy, according to the Telegraph…


Between 400,000 and 700,000 African migrants in Libya: AU

Europe is taking more baby steps toward making good decisions…

Instead of promoting immigration to Europe…

…they are talking about repatriating Africans and providing aid in their home countries…

We also see another reminder of Islam’s and Africa’s long history of slavery…

…which continues even today…

Funny how this fact was never mentioned to us back in school…

…where white Americans were made to feel uniquely evil for America’s history with slavery…

It was never mentioned that most of these slaves came from Africa…

…where Arab and Muslim overlords were clearing Africa of its native non-Muslim inhabitants

…via the slave trade…    Dave

Alexis Adele                Associated Press             November 30, 2017

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast — Between 400,000 and 700,000 African migrants are living in camps in Libya, often under “inhuman” conditions, the chairman of the African Union Commission said Thursday at the close of a summit of European and African leaders.

Moussa Faki Mahamat stressed the urgency of removing the thousands of migrants, including women and children, from the camps as he addressed the summit where migration was a top issue after recent footage of a migrant slave auction in Libya drew global horror and condemnation.

At least 3,800 migrants in one camp in Tripoli need to be removed as soon as possible, Mahamat said. Most of them come from West Africa.

“That’s just one camp,” he said. “The Libyan government has told us there are 42,” and some contain an even larger number of migrants.

The International Organization for Migration says more than 423,000 migrants had been identified in the chaotic North African country as of last month. The majority are men from impoverished countries across sub-Saharan Africa.

In a communique Thursday, the European and African leaders agreed to “accelerate exponentially” efforts to repatriate the migrants and vowed to combat the crimes committed against them.

The leaders also pledged to do more to help the migrants stranded in squalid detention centers in Libya, the main jumping-off point for desperate people setting out in unseaworthy boats in search of better lives in Europe


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Jihad Report: Trump's Anti-Muslim Tweets