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The Death of Net Neutrality is the Death of American Journalism

Posted: November 29, 2017 at 12:19 pm   /   by

I want to be very clear: anti-net neutrality measures are not a promotion of the free market. In the United States, there is no free market left to promote. What we have is a poisonous conglomeration of government and corporations. The push to destroy net neutrality is a fascist power grab by the same corporatists that have brought you government healthcare scams and war profiteering schemes.

There are two ultimate goals of net neutrality. Goal number one is the creation of a government enforced monopoly for the politically connected telecommunications conglomerate that has run amok over the past sixty years. Do you really want to hand the internet over to Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch? Goal number two is the restriction of free information on the internet.

Mainstream print and television media in the United States is a complete joke. You can expect nothing but mind numbing ‘entertainment’ segments interspersed amongst a constant stream of corporatist propaganda.
The biggest threat to the corporatist controlled mainstream media is the free journalism that currently thrives on the open  internet. At this very moment you are reading a free and uncensored article by a man who would never be allowed to penetrate the iron walls of Fox News or CNN.

The death of net neutrality will mean the death of the free and courageous journalism provided to you by organizations like Western Free Press. Don’t be confused by the twisted snake tongues of the talking heads in the mainstream media. Anti-net neutrality measures are pure evil.

I urge you to call your representatives and tell them that the American people demand that net neutrality be preserved against the power grab by the international telecommunications conglomerate that is dead set on killing the spirit of journalism in this nation.

Skyler Miller

Skyler Miller

Team Writer at Western Free Press
As the former host of the Skyler Miller Show and a regular contributor to Western Free Press, Skyler Miller stands as one of the most uncompromising voices in American politics. Known for his grit, humor, and biting criticisms, Miller remains a prime example of individualism and intellectual integrity in the realm of contemporary journalism.
Skyler Miller

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The Death of Net Neutrality is the Death of American Journalism