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Charlie Rose Part of Larger Problem At CBS. Lawsuit Claims Sex for Promotion Was Norm.

Posted: November 27, 2017 at 8:45 am   /   by

A week after CBS host Charlie Rose was outed as an alleged serial sex harasser, a recently filed federal suit alleges that one of the network’s former producers was told she would have to sleep with her bosses to get anywhere in the company.

Erin Gee, who worked for CBS for 17 years, filed the suit alleging rampant sex discrimination at the network.

Gee claims one of the most offensive incidents occurred in 2011, when she was talking with her boss at “CBS Evening News,” Robert Klug, about a workplace dispute. Klug told her she should ‘have sex’ with a video editor who had been difficult to work with to ‘break the ice,’ according to court papers. Gee could hardly believe it.

I was in a state of shock.

I couldn’t believe that was his advice. I was looking for help, and he looked at me like, ‘You don’t matter, and this is what you should do to make this guy like you.’

Gee reported the incident to a senior producer on the program, “who told her at the time that he let the executive producer know about it,’’ said her lawyer, Kevin Mintzer. “But nothing was done.’’

Klug was eventually promoted to executive director for CBS News, and shortly after, another male boss told Gee that Klug “had asked him whether he had had sex with her or the other women under his supervision,” the suit says.

That boss “told me that story because he was very upset,” Gee said.

Gee filed a formal complaint with CBS in 2015, again reporting Klug’s comments, as well as other instances of alleged sexism, saying she was fed up with the network’s “boys’ club.”

After she filed the complaint, Gee was demoted to the weekend newscast, according to court papers.

She was told she was being disciplined for “behavioral problems,” but Gee says was never alerted to any issues. She eventually quit and took another job in the industry.

“My situation demonstrates why woman are afraid to speak up,’’ Gee said. “When they do, they’re often punished for it.”

The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission dismissed Gee’s discrimination claim in March, saying it was “unable to conclude that the information obtained establishes a violation of the statutes.” But the EEOC still issued a right to sue, which is required under federal law. Gee is seeking unspecified damages in her suit.

A CBS spokeswoman called Gee’s allegations “wholly without merit, including those directed toward Mr. Klug.”

Yet, the revelations that have come forth about Charlie Rose, one of the networks major anchors, discredit such claims. Obviously, people were turning a blind eye to Rose’s behavior for years, and perhaps many of the women who were harassed felt they had to allow it to advance careers.

The rot is deep at many of these institutions of progressivism, and as evidence continues to surface, the hypocrisy of those who claim to be for the advancement of women continues to be manifestly demonstrated.

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Joseph Morgan

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Charlie Rose Part of Larger Problem At CBS. Lawsuit Claims Sex for Promotion Was Norm.