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Amazon Calls Mohammed “A Very Wise Prophet.” Jesus? “A Fictional Character.”'s logo
Posted: November 25, 2017 at 10:21 am   /   by

Amazon offers a cloud-based voice service called AlexaAlexa will answer questions on a variety of topics, something conservative comedian Steven Crowder recently demonstrated. When Crowder asked, “Who is the prophet Mohammed?” he was told, “The is prophet Mohammed is a very wise prophet.” Ok, so what about Jesus?

“Jesus Christ is a fictional character.”

When asked whether she was lying, Alexa responded, “I don’t lie–I will always tell you what I know.” Alexa also “knew” that Antifa “is a term applied to the various groups opposed to neo-Nazi rhetoric and policies.” The fact that they’re similarly opposed to pro-lifers, private property, the police or anyone who opposes them went unmentioned.

Of course, Alexa doesn’t know everything: she didn’t know whether Mohammed beat his wife, how many genders there are, or that the correct term for Nazism is National Socialism. One thing that I know?

I won’t be getting Alexa any time soon.

Adam Peters

Adam Peters

Adam Peters is a graduate of Liberty University School of Law and has a passion for politics. An experienced traveller, he spent four years living in South Korea. In addition to Western Free Press, Adam writes for Live Action and Secular Pro-Life. When he's not focused on politics, his interests include strength training, hunting, and reading about history. You can follow him on Twitter, friend him on Facebook, or email him at [email protected].
Adam Peters

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Amazon Calls Mohammed “A Very Wise Prophet.” Jesus? “A Fictional Character.”