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Trump Still More Popular Than Leaders of Main European Nations

Posted: November 20, 2017 at 5:36 am   /   by

Even as Democrats and their shills in the mainstream media mock President Trump’s approval ratings, new polling data show that he is still more popular than the leaders of Europe’s big three nations: German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Britain’s Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron.

Conservatives don’t place nearly as much faith in polls as the left, as they have often been shown  to be wrong—see 2016 presidential elections—but the new Zogby Analytics survey of people in Germany, France, and Britain showing the disapproval ratings of these European rivals to Trump are to good to ignore.

The polls headline reads: “Citizens of France, Germany and U.K. not happy with Macron, Merkel and May.

A majority of adults in France and U.K. dislike Macron and May; nearly half of adults in Germany dislike Merkel.

Zogby found the three European leaders below that:

  • Merkel approval 40 percent, disapproval 49 percent.
  • Macron approval 28 percent, disapproval 52 percent.
  • May approval 28 percent, disapproval 61 percent.

From the poll analysis:

  • Macron — When Emmanuel Macron formed the La République En Marche party, he was then subsequently elected President of France. He was hailed as a centrist who could bridge the major parties, and be able to bring about reform at home and across Europe. The honeymoon period is now over and his favorable/unfavorable ratings reflect this change of heart among French citizens. More than half (52%) of French respondents surveyed are unfavorable (very unfavorable and somewhat unfavorable combined) of the French president while 28% are favorable of him and 9% are not sure.
  • Merkel — Since winning re-election for a fourth time in September, Chancellor Angela Merkel is looking to broker a governing coalition on the home front and take on the challenges associated with Brexit and European Union reform. As Europe’s largest economy, Germany has been at odds lately with England over how much England will pay to “divorce” from the EU. Outside and inside of Germany, Merkel’s favorability rating has also been taking a hit. At the moment, 40% of German adults view her as favorable (very and somewhat combined). Slightly less than half (49%) of German citizens are not favorable of Angela Merkel, and 8% are not sure.
  • May — Among the European leaders we surveyed, Prime Minister Theresa May has the lowest favorability/unfavorability rating at 28% favorable, 61% unfavorable. A plurality (35%) is also very unfavorable of the controversial prime minister. Her numbers are low among all demographics, but are much lower among younger adults aged 18-29 (16% favorable/71% unfavorable) compared with adults 50+ (36% favorable/53% unfavorable).

Now while true that Trump’s disapproval ratings are higher that that of Merkel’s, it is also true that Merkel may not even be able to form a new government, after her party took tremendous losses in their last election. Democrats and media types are desperate to show that the world is rallying around Merkel in particular as the new world leader, ever since Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords, and has pursued bi-lateral trade agreements, yet, she can’t even rally her own people to her cause, let alone anyone else in Europe.

In this particular instance, the polling data is very telling, and rather humorous.

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Joseph Morgan

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Trump Still More Popular Than Leaders of Main European Nations