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New Orleans Takes a Wrecking Ball to a Couple’s Dream

Posted: November 20, 2017 at 5:14 pm   /   by

David and Lourdes Garrett wanted to transform a dilapidated townhouse into something nice. Most cities would appreciate such a development effort. But as it turns out, New Orleans bulldozed their dream right out of existence.

Guest:  David Breemer, Attorney with Pacific Legal Foundation

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Steve Eastman

Steve Eastman was news director of a radio station for almost 10 years, trained by a future anchor of National Public Radio. During that time he won 16 awards from Associated Press and the Radio/TV News Directors Association. Steve has also hosted talk radio and cable television programs and worked as assignment editor for a network TV affiliate. Steve wants to tell the stories that are conveniently ignored by the mainstream media—stories we need to hear. Steve feels that the way you deliver a message can be almost as important as the content, because it reflects on its credibility. In our society too much effort goes into promoting consumerism and not enough into championing the really important things.

Steve Eastman also blogs at

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New Orleans Takes a Wrecking Ball to a Couple's Dream