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Alan Korwin: Why Not Just Register All Firearms?

Posted: November 20, 2017 at 8:38 am   /   by

So simple. So logical. So benign. So well-intended. And so horribly wrong-headed!

We register cars and license drivers. We register airplanes and license pilots. So why not just register firearms and license the owners? Wouldn’t that make us all safer and help deter criminal use of firearms?

In this 7-minute video, author, speaker, and civil-rights advocate Alan Korwin looks at these seductive presumptions and argues that gun registration would in fact not be simple, not help fight crime, and could well be anything but benign.

In fact, a registration system would create a whole new class of “felons” owing to errors (accidental or even deliberate) in a massive database of 300 million firearms tied to 100 million names and addresses with over 70,000 changes per day as people move from one address to another.

After the IRS scandal of the Obama administration, it’s not difficult to imagine how a federal government bent on control could abuse a firearms registration system to threaten and punish its political opposition.

This video is excerpted from a full 1-hour presentation at the Scottsdale, Arizona, Tea Party meeting of November 16, 2017. As usual, Korwin is free-wheeling, informative, and entertaining. His full presentation may be viewed at this link. Korwin’s larger topic was on the major problems facing Americans today.

You can read more about Alan Korwin and his publications at

David Leeper

David Leeper

David Leeper is a retired engineer living in Scottsdale, AZ, with his wife of 45 years. He is currently a volunteer science teacher at In his 40-year career he held positions from lab technician to technical vice president at Bell Labs, Motorola, and Intel. He holds 16 patents in telecom technology and a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. During his career, he wrote mainly for technical journals including Scientific American. He began writing for in 2011.
David Leeper

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Alan Korwin: Why Not Just Register All Firearms?