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Islam Update: IS Militants Evacuate Last Stronghold in Syria to Government

Image Source: Peerayot/License: ShutterStock Image
Posted: November 11, 2017 at 9:00 am   /   by

The bad news is that the evacuating militants will live to fight another day…

They cannot be demoralized in the way that happens when a movement’s great leader is killed…

Their great leader died 1400 years ago…

IS militants evacuate last stronghold in Syria to government: Islamic State militants withdrew Thursday from their last stronghold in Syria, a strategic town near the border with Iraq, following a government offensive that has effectively left the extremist group’s fighters dispersed in villages and small towns in the desert.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait order citizens out of Lebanon as tensions flare

Iran’s proxy Hezbollah has just carried out a bloodless coup in Lebanon…

Iran now controls Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon…

…creating a “Shiite Crescent” that splits the Sunni world in two…

The “war after the war” looks like it will be bigger than ever…   Dave

AP and World Israel News Staff                  November 9, 2017

Saudi Arabia ordered its citizens out of Lebanon Thursday as tensions with Beirut continue to rise. Kuwait followed suit just a few hours later. Bahrain did the same earlier in the week.

Kuwait’s foreign ministry said in a statement that its decision was taken “as a precaution for any negative repercussions” in Lebanon.

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri shocked his country Saturday when he announced from Saudi Arabia that he was resigning.

Referring to the Hezbollah terror group, which is based in Lebanon and supported and funded by Iran, Hariri said, “Iran’s arm … has managed to impose a fait accompli on Lebanon through the power of its weapons.”

“They have built a state within a state,” he declared.

He has not returned to Lebanon since.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Hariri’s resignation was “a wake-up call to the international community to take action against Iranian aggression.”

Saudi Arabia has in the meantime threatened that it would deal with Lebanon as a hostile state so long as Hezbollah remains in the government…


The key thing about this video is the behavior of the imam. Gotta see it to believe it…

NYC terror attack sparks heated debate about Iran and Islam: Dr. Sebastian Gorka and Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi weigh in on ‘Hannity.

‘Spit out your insults, come on now!’ Iranian women film themselves standing up to men who order them to wear head scarves as they walk in the street without hijabs

What happens when Google disagrees with you?

James Damore                 Prager University                November 9, 2017

“Don’t be evil.” That’s Google’s motto. Well, then, why does Google manipulate its search results for its more than 1 billion users? And why does it have an intolerant attitude toward employees who express views with which it disagrees…or merely discuss facts that it doesn’t like? In this week’s video, James Damore, former senior software engineer at Google, explains what Google did to him when he stepped out of line with Google’s left-wing orthodoxy. Watch James’s story here.

New Democratic Spin Cycle: Launders Money, Gets Out the Toughest Sleaze!

Ann Coulter            Breitbart News               8 Nov 2017

The Democrats have two very different profiles. One is their public face of absolute moral purity. They’re just better people than Republicans. That’s what you’re buying when you walk into the Democratic store: pure virtue. They’ve got nothing else on the shelves. No beef jerky, no wiper fluid, no Gatorade.

The other profile is reality: In the backroom, where the employees eat lunch, the Democrats and their fat-cat donors are committing unspeakably sleazy and immoral acts.

Everyone on the left knows this. That’s why, the moment Harvey Weinstein was exposed as a sexual predator, his reflexive response was not to apologize. Accused of the kind of rapes you’d usually need a gang to commit, he put up a virtue shield by attacking the National Rifle Association.

As we recently discovered, first with Weinstein and then with the Hillary campaign paying for the Russian dossier, the left has an all-new trick that exponentially multiplies the Democrats’ sleaze factor. It used to be that Democrats like Bill Clinton would deploy FOBs — Friends of Bill — like James Carville and Sidney Blumenthal to smear his victims. Now, they run their Watergate-style “ratf—ing” through law firms.

Ronan Farrow writes in this week’s New Yorker that Weinstein deployed a raft of spies to befriend and deceive his accusers in order to collect information that could be used against them. A spy with the Israeli private investigations firm Black Cube used a fake name and fake foundation to meet actress Rose McGowan. Then, pretending to be a deeply sympathetic women’s rights advocate, the agent secretly tape-recorded the actress, hoping to get incriminating evidence against her. At a minimum, this is unspeakably repellent and possibly illegal.

And who hired the spies? Not Weinstein! The law firm of David Boies, prominent Democratic attorney. Using a law firm as a cut-out between the client — an alleged sexual predator — and the people stealthily recording his accusers has one very useful purpose: It places the spy agency’s work behind the protection of attorney-client privilege.

Boies pretends to be steeped in the ethics of his profession, flying to California to argue against the “hate” of Proposition 8 and rushing to Florida after the 2000 election to defend Al Gore’s rightful claim to the presidency. But now we find out he’s been harassing and intimidating a rape victim on behalf of his client (the rapist) with private eyes who lie about their identity and motives, wasting hours of the victim’s time with false promises of support for her cause — a cause she has taken up precisely because of her alleged rape by the lawyer’s client.

Whether or not this violates any bar association ethical canons, it’s certainly despicable…


Groups call on Portland City Council to end cooperation with FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force

Jim Ryan                    The Oregonian/OregonLive                  Nov 8, 2017

The ACLU of Oregon and more than 20 other groups on Wednesday called for the Portland City Council to end city cooperation with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, signaling the latest turn in a saga dating back two decades.

Kimberly McCullough of the American Civil Liberties Union, speaking before the council, said concerns about the task force are intensified by the presidential administration’s “utter disregard for civil rights and civil liberties” and “recent statements and actions” by the FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which she referred to as the task force’s largest players. Portland began on-and-off involvement in the task force in 1997 and is currently involved.

The City Council voted in 2015 to assign two officers to the task force, reversing Portland’s outlier status nationally as the only big city at the time that didn’t assign officers to participate on a full-time basis.

A 2011 City Council vote had allowed “as-needed” involvement after the City Council had voted to cut ties in 2005.

Neither Mayor Ted Wheeler nor any of the present city councilors had any immediate response to the appeal from McCullough and two others opposed to Portland’s involvement in the task force. A Portland police spokesman said Wednesday evening that he was working on providing responses to Oregonian/OregonLive questions posed late that morning about the task force.


Talbots advertising dollars supports Huffington Post who serves as a mouthpiece for CAIR to call for compassion for Muslims following terror attack in New York City while ignoring the need for Muslims to save lives by reporting suspects.

603 out of 627 (96%) companies  have stopped advertising at Huffington Post in the last nineteen months., one of the largest leftist news sites in America, posted an article following the October 31st terror attack in Manhattan that advocates for the Council for American Islamic Relations’ call for “compassion” toward the Muslim community without mentioning the crucial need for them to report potential terrorists in their midst..

The article titled  “Muslim Advocacy Groups Urge Compassion And Unity Following New York City Attack” states in part:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the country’s largest Muslim civil rights group, called the incident a “cowardly attack” meant to sow discord across America, and offered its “sincere condolences to the loved ones of those killed and injured.”

“Since the goal of such heinous crimes is to divide our nation, it is incumbent on Americans of all faiths and backgrounds to frustrate that criminal objective by standing united in the face of terror,” CAIR said in a statement, using the hashtag #NYCStrong.

This article is utter propaganda.  Nowhere in this article does CAIR urge the Muslim community to do WHAT IS NEEDED MOST which is for them to report potential terrorist threats.  Not only did CAIR not urge the Muslim community to come forward with information that could save lives but the terror linked Islamist group has a history of urging Muslims in America not to talk to the FBI and to be rude to airport security officials.  Additionally, CAIR has a history of being an apologist for terrorists and having terror linked speakers at its events. is giving terror-linked CAIR an internet bullhorn for its Islamist propaganda…


A black student wrote those racist messages that shook the Air Force Academy, school says

This is another example of the kind of “smoke and mirrors” world we’re living in…

Claiming victimhood in order to escape accountability or go on the attack has become a favorite tactic…   Dave

Samantha Schmidt              The Washington Post                 November 8, 2017

In late September, five black cadet candidates found racial slurs scrawled on message boards on their doors at the U.S. Air Force Academy Preparatory School. One candidate found the words “go home n‑‑‑‑‑‑” written outside his room, his mother posted on social media, according to the Air Force Times.

The racist messages roiled the academy in Colorado Springs and prompted the school to launch an investigation. They led its superintendent to deliver a stern speech that decried the “horrible language” and drew national attention for its eloquence.

Surrounded by 1,500 members of the school’s staff, Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria told cadets to take out their phones and videotape the speech, “so you can use it . . . so that we all have the moral courage together.”

“If you can’t treat someone with dignity and respect,” Silveria said, “then get out.”

The speech, which the academy posted on YouTube, went viral. It was watched nearly 1.2 million times, grabbed headlines nationwide, and was commended by former vice president Joe Biden and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

But on Tuesday, the school made a jolting announcement. The person responsible for the racist messages, the academy said, was, in fact, one of the cadet candidates who reported being targeted by them.

“The individual admitted responsibility and this was validated by the investigation,” academy spokesman Lt. Col. Allen Herritage said in a statement to the Associated Press, adding: “Racism has no place at the academy, in any shape or form.”

The cadet candidate accused of crafting the messages was not identified, but the Colorado Springs Gazette reported that the individual is no longer enrolled at the school. Sources also told the Gazette the cadet candidate “committed the act in a bizarre bid to get out of trouble he faced at the school for other misconduct,” the newspaper reported.


Palestinian carrying Quran and knives caught on way to attack Jews: Israeli security forces on Thursday arrested a Palestinian who was found carrying two knives and a Quran outside an Israeli community in Judea, apparently on his way to commit an attack.

Is Europe warming up to polygamy among Muslim refugees? A Swedish woman who works with immigrants reacts to a Syrian refugee who says he’s looking for a third wife, saying that all cultures must be respected.

Dutch court excuses ISIS supporter who called Jewish teens ‘Zionist terrorists’ and ‘future child murderers’

A tirade of hate against Israeli students by the Islamist Party of Unity leader, who sits on Dutch capital’s city council, was dismissed. He continues to post hate speech on Facebook.

Batya Jerenberg                   World Israel News                    November 9, 2017

A Dutch court dismissed a lawsuit filed again Hague council member Abdoe Khoulani for blatantly anti-Semitic statements he made after seeing Israeli highschoolers visiting the Dutch parliament.

Posting on Facebook, Khoulani called the delegation “Zionist terrorists in training” and “future child murderers and occupiers.” Facebook has since removed the post, but not before it was attacked by several members of parliament and protested by Israeli Ambassador to the Netherlands, Aviv Shir-On.

Ynet reported that Shir-On sent a letter to the mayor of The Hague, saying, “To call them murderers and claim they have Palestinian blood on their hands just because they are Israeli is not just a scandal, it is absolutely unacceptable. These words are nothing but anti-Israel incitement that can lead to violence that we have unfortunately seen in Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Manchester and London.”

Court Victory a ‘Hard Slap in the Face’ of the Zionists

However, he continues to post hate speech on Facebook. Commenting on the court’s decision, he wrote, “Thank God,” and that it’s a “hard slap in the face” to the Center Information and Documentation of Israel, an independent, pro-Israel Dutch foundation based in The Hague.

The Israeli students were from the Hen School for Young Ambassadors, who were touring The Hague as part of their leadership training program. They had come to the Netherlands as guests of the youth movement of the Reformed Political Party, which lodged the police complaint against Khoulani.

On Wednesday, the Dutch court ruled that since the complaint was filed by a third party and not by the students themselves, and since “an attack on Zionism cannot be seen as incitement on racist or religious grounds,” Khoulani would not be tried.

‘Long Live ISIS’

However, it did add that Khoulani will have to appear in court for his string of harsh verbal attacks on Dutch pro-Israel activist Anneke Brons, who criticized his anti-Semitic post, because she had filed suit as the injured party. Khoulani left voice messages that called her, among other things, a “blonde b***ch,” and told her that she should leave the Netherlands because she belongs “with the Zionist scum.”

The Dutch Islamist has been known to use vitriolic language before, and not always against Israel. In June 2014 Khoulani had a pro-terror post on Facebook, saying, “Long live ISIS! If Allah wills it, we will go to Baghdad to reckon with the scum there.”

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Islam Update: IS Militants Evacuate Last Stronghold in Syria to Government