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Happy 242nd Birthday United States Marine Corps!

Posted: November 10, 2017 at 5:00 pm   /   by

Marines, and all our Armed Forces, have made the lives of all Americans worth living.  In the heart of every Marine beats the motto of the Marine Corps:  Always Faithful.  Their devotion to this country and her safety is sacred and noble and we as Americans owe them our deepest gratitude and our utmost respect.

If you know one Marine, consider yourself lucky because you are in the BEST company!

I’m appalled by the recent NFL protests and I highlight below the statement to the NFL by Marine Col Jeffrey Powers.  He is a Warrior and he should be heard:

A Marines Letter To The NFl

I worry about the hearts of our brave men and women in the Armed Forces stationed in the hell holes of the Middle East who might have seen these cowards disrespecting our flag and our country on foreign soil.  As the daughter, sister and mother of brave men who have fought under that beautiful flag, a spit in the eye of these pampered kneelers and a boot in their ass to foist them off their knees would suit me just fine.  These aren’t brave men!  Brave men would get into the crime ridden streets of Chicago and make the difference they claim to want.

Please forward this email and on this day and everyday, please don’t ever take our Marines and our military for granted for they are willing to die for you. They are Always Faithful and we should always be faithful to them.

My family wishes the Marine Corps a Happy Birthday! Our grateful hearts will always be faithful to you!

And Be Faithful, Boycott the NFL!

Beverly Pearlson

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Happy 242nd Birthday United States Marine Corps!