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MAGA: Trump Doesn’t Bow To Japanese Emperor Like Obama Did.

Posted: November 6, 2017 at 12:44 pm   /   by

President Donald Trump met with Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko on Monday, and unlike Barack Obama, he didn’t bow before the emperor.

When Trump met the emperor and his wife, a few hours before a joint press conference with Prime Minster Shinzo Abe, he gave a brief handshake to the aging figurehead.

This was in stark contrast to Barack Obama who infamously bowed low upon greeting the monarch eight years ago. The Japanese emperor was not the only national leader that Obama genuflected before. Seven months earlier, he appeared to bow to the king of Saudi Arabia during a G20 Summit in London.

DEEP BOW: Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama earned plaudits in Tokyo but caught no end of grief in the U.S. for bowing deeply before the emperor in November 2009 at the same spot

When Trump went to Saudi Arabia in May, he was met with pomp and circumstance, and respects as he did not bow himself before their leaders either. Trump’s entire persona is different from his predecessor. Behavior is important though, and world leaders, especially those in the East, recognize and respond to behavior. Though the leftist media, as it was want to do, fawned over Obama, and praised his behavior before these world leaders, as representative of a cultural appreciation.

Many average Americans thought it showed a weakness unbecoming the leader of the free world. This is especially true considering Obama had opened his presidency with what many in the conservative ranks title an “apology tour,” as he asked forgiveness of the world for the supposed sins of the United States.

Trump is having none of that, and is reasserting American dominance, not only in terms of actual policy directives, but in symbolic gestures as well. Trump does not bow, and neither does the United States!

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Joseph Morgan

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Joseph was born and raised in Tucson, AZ. He received a Master's in U.S. history, with an emphasis on American constitutionalism from the UA, with a minor in Aerospace Mechanical Engineering. He took a job right out of college as a financial advisor, then switched career paths to teaching History at Pima Community College, while tutoring mathematics on the side. He also writes op-eds for the Arizona Daily Star, Tucson's largest newspaper, and has recently begun a new, live, calling radio show Common Sense heard every Saturday at 1 p.m. on 1030 AM KVOI, The Voice. He has a passion for politics and debate, believing that, we the people, must converse with each other about ideas and become engaged in the political formative process, as opposed to simply reacting to what government does. His ideological emphasis, in which he believes everyone can find common ground, is natural rights philosophy.
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MAGA: Trump Doesn't Bow To Japanese Emperor Like Obama Did.