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Trump Campaign Volunteer Arrested for Lying To FBI. Another Media Smoke-Screen

Posted: October 30, 2017 at 12:48 pm   /   by

Along with the news of the indictment of Paul Manafort, the other blockbuster news story of Monday, is that George Papadopoulos, a volunteer with the Trump campaign, has plead guilty to lying to the FBI.

This of course is designed to be earth-shattering and, coupled with the Manafort indictment, give credence to the narrative being pushed by the national media that associates of President Trump are beginning to be swept up in the ongoing investigation into Russia/Trump collusion, and the insinuation is that it is starting to get closer to the President and he is feeling the heat.

Of course nothing could be further from the truth. Manafort’s indictment literally has nothing with the Trump campaign and focuses instead on work he did for a pro-Russian group in the Ukraine, and money laundering efforts he allegedly took to hide payments for that work and to avoid paying taxes.

The Papadopoulos story is even more curious to be making the rounds all over the media today, as he was arrested back in July, and plead guilty on October 5th! Why did Mueller release this information today? Other than the obvious fact that it would guarantee the media world report on it as though it were some sort of breaking revelation, the answer is simple. More obfuscation, and in particular with Papadopoulos to further hide the fact that his story specifically exonerates not only the Trump campaign of having any collusion with the Russians, but the central role that Manafort played in helping keep the Russians from influencing Trump.

Papadopoulos, a volunteer with the campaign since March 2016—though the media keeps referring to him as a “foreign policy advisor”—made at least six attempts to have Trump or campaign figures meet up with Russians to get dirt on Hillary Clinton. This was reported on by The Washington Post back in August, following his arrest in July.

How did the Post get the information about that story? From emails turned over from the Trump campaign to investigators, that clearly indicated Papadopoulos’s  attempts to play up his “Russia contacts” and their interest to help Trump back in March of 2016. Those emails also showed that Trump’s team, led by Manafort, categorically rejected any attempts to hold such meetings.

The report  in August showed how Trump’s former campaign chairman put the kibosh on the idea.

“We need someone to communicate that DT is not doing these trips,” Manafort told his business partner Rick Gates, an account his spokesman Jason Maloni confirmed to the Daily News Monday evening.

“Mr. Manafort’s swift action reflects the attitude of the campaign — any invitation by Russia, directly or indirectly, would be rejected outright,” adding that Manafort directed that the response to the adviser come from “a low level staffer.”

Emails reportedly show that campaign co-chairman Sam Clovis, adviser retired Adm. Charles Kubic and campaign chairman Paul Manafort all voiced opposition to Papadopoulos’s pushes in April and May, citing reasons such as needing to meet with NATO allies.

Papadopoulos’s efforts sound reminiscent of  Donald Trump Jr. who met with Natalia Veselnitskaya in July, after she had lured him to the meeting by promising dirt on Clinton as well, except for she was not an official representative of the Russian government, unlike the promises of Papadopoulos; and it was set-up after an exchange of emails between Trump Jr. which he says he kept from his father, and a PR friend for a Russian pop star, rather than anyone officially connected to the Trump campaign.

Manafort’s warnings about the Papadopoulos meetings, might explain why he went with Trump Jr. to the meeting—he was there to ensure nothing illegal was actually done!
After the Trump campaign expressly turned down meetings with Russian officials to obtain compromising information on Clinton—that didn’t get any real media attention at the time—and the fact that it was Manafort who put the kibosh on those efforts, the media decides that the same day Manafort is indicted for alleged crimes that have nothing to with the campaign would be the ideal day to drop a story that Papadopoulos lied about holding meetings with an overseas “professor” when questioned about it by the FBI—he was dishonest about when he met with the individual.
Papadopoulos was not arrested for any actual crime of collusion, but rather, for not being honest about the timing of when he met with a Russian contact when questioned about it by the FBI.  There is literally nothing in his charge that hurts Trump. The fact that the media is breathlessly talking about it now, and in the way they are, is done to hide the fact that his arrest, and the underlying story behind it, actually exonerates the President, and Manafort in particular, when it comes to colluding with the Russians.
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Trump Campaign Volunteer Arrested for Lying To FBI. Another Media Smoke-Screen