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Victim of the SPLC (2)

Posted: September 13, 2017 at 5:58 am   /   by
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(Scott Johnson)

Former Vanderbilt University Professor Carol Swain wrote about her victimization by the fascist hate cult that goes under the absurd misnomer of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Professor Swain discussed her experience in the Wall Street Journal column “What it’s like to be smeared by the Southern Poverty Law Center.” I wrote Professor Swain’s column here.

Tucker Carlson interviewed Professor Swain about her experience last night on his Fox News show. The video is below.

The moral authority wielded by the Southern Poverty Law Center is a bad excuse for a joke. The deference paid to the work of the SPLC by media outlets lacks even a bad excuse.

Last week Al Franken used the SPLC’s designation of the Alliance Defending Freedom as an anti-LGBT hate group to disparage Professor Amy Barrett in her confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Franken’s use of the SPLC for this purpose can be explained simply by his bad faith. Ed Whelan takes up this particular Franken outrage at NRO in ‘Al Franken Supports State-Sanctioned Sterilization of Transgendered People.’ It is a good case study of the SPLC and the uses to which it is put by such tools as Al Franken.

Via FOX News Insider.

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Victim of the SPLC (2)