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Sheriff Joe Enforced the Laws McCain and Flake Ignored

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Posted: August 27, 2017 at 10:02 am   /   by

It did not take long after President Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio for Twitter tantrums to flare and political elites to become reactionary, including the following statements from Arizona’s Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake:

Washington, D.C.U.S. Senator JohnMcCain released the following statement today on President Trump’s pardon of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio:

“No one is above the law and the individuals entrusted with the privilege of being sworn law officers should always seek to be beyond reproach in their commitment to fairly enforcing the laws they swore to uphold. Mr. Arpaio was found guilty of criminal contempt for continuing to illegally profile Latinos living in Arizona based on their perceived immigration status in violation of a judge’s orders. The President has the authority to make this pardon, but doing so at this time undermines his claim for the respect of rule of law as Mr. Arpaio has shown no remorse for his actions.”

For anyone familiar with McCain and Flake’s history on border matters, their comments are not a surprise; however, it is stunning considering there were notorious pardons provided by former presidents for individuals, who actually did engage in unlawful activity, some of which involved national security issues such as Obama’s pardon of FALN terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera and Clinton’s pardon of Mark Rich, who was indicted on illegal oil dealings with hostile regimes, which placed him on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List. Though Clinton’s pardon of Rich generated controversy, the hysteria and blatant dishonesty from McCain, Flake, CNN and scores of fools on The Hill and their friends in the media regarding the pardoning of Sheriff Joe has bordered on a complete 24/7 cycle of sheer insanity.

Sheriff Joe has long stood as the lone firewall in the fight against illegal immigration in Arizona, while McCain and Flake have done what they can to encourage it – even at the expense of the ‘rule of law’.

Though McCain states that ‘no one is above the law,’ he has – without question – gone to great lengths to hold the interests of those entering this country illegally above the laws of the land. In 2010, he appeared in a campaign ad alongside Sheriff Paul Babeu rallying for a ‘dang fence,’ which never materialized. That would appear to be a broken promise. Apparently, being elected to office entrusted with the privilege of serving the constituents and taking an oath stating,  “…I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same…” does not command the same expectation for one (particularly a Senator) “…to be beyond reproach in their commitment to fairly enforce the laws they swore to uphold.”

America already has federal laws regarding immigration, border security and obtaining citizenship legally. Due to the negligence on the part of our lawmakers to uphold our immigration laws and security at the international border between The United States and Mexico, the conditions have been created in which chaos has ensued at the border. In a tour with Border Patrol in 2010, agents informed congressional candidate Ruth McClung that of the 19 corridors running from Texas to California along the southern border, the Tucson sector accounted for fifty percent of illegal traffic entering into the United States. McCain and Flake know what is taking place but have failed to exercise the will or decency to stop it. In fact, both Arizona Senators have  exacerbated the situation by doing nothing. Meanwhile, Border Patrol’s hands were tied by the federal government, and law enforcement in Arizona was overwhelmed.

Since becoming Maricopa Sheriff in 1993, Joe Arpaio has had to deal with the mess the federal government created. Though he was criticized by political elites and the media for ‘tent cities’ and having inmates don pink underwear, he was re-elected until 2016. Sheriff Joe also dealt with an influx of people coming into the country illegally through the southern border – sometimes repeatedly – and committing crimes against Arizonans, much of it in Maricopa County, where Phoenix is located. In 2009, Phoenix was cited as the kidnapping capital of The United States and second to Mexico City in the world. Mexican cartel activity is largely at the heart of the kidnappings with cartels actually gaining ground within the US border in Arizona. This activity has only become possible because of the willful fecklessness of Jeff Flake, John McCain, their equally corrupt congressional colleagues in the Amnesty charade along with the corporate socialists and big government globalists filling their campaign coffers.

While being criticized by various administrations and investigated on trumped up accusations of civil rights violations and of racism, Sheriff Joe continued to carry out his duties faithfully – and lawfully. He has stood up to threats lodged against him by previous administrations and anti-American hate-groups such as Derechos Humanos, whose co-chair, Isabel Garcia (a former Tucson city official), led a group of young people to beat a pinata of Sheriff Joe, then proudly carried the severed head in the parking lot of a Barnes and Noble store in Tucson, where Sheriff Joe was signing his book. Though citizens were outraged and called for Garcia’s removal from office, Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckleberry refused stating that Garcia had a first amendment right to free speech. Mocking and advocating for the murder of an elected sheriff is not a ‘right’ in any context, but Garcia remained a public official until her retirement a few years ago, and Chuckleberry remains in his position.

McCain and Flake do not appear to have had an issue with Derechos Humanos, Isabel Garcia or the demonstration of hate against Sheriff Joe. If they did, they did not release a statement or Twitter feed offering their outrage. No, their feigned outrage has been stored against President Trump and Sheriff Joe for successfully hindering their amnesty objectives.

President Trump acknowledged in Phoenix on Tuesday night that Sheriff Joe was charged for doing the work he was elected to do. U. S. District Judge Susan Bolton, a Clinton appointee also responsible for blocking much of SB1070 from being enacted in 2010, charged Sheriff Joe with contempt for allegedly profiling Latinos illegally regarding their immigration status after being ordered to essentially ignore the law. This was a witch-hunt set up by the Obama administration after their many futile attempts to charge Joe Arpaio in the past had failed. For all the sudden concern for ‘the rule of law’, it was President Trump who actually upheld it by pardoning Sheriff Joe.

Fortunately, there are principled voices supporting the pardon such as Arizona’s representatives Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar, both of whom acknowledged the Obama administration’s attempt to destroy a political opponent. The two men also noted Sheriff Joe’s request for a jury trial was denied. So much for due process.

Thankfully, there is another voice getting much attention these days, and hers is a voice resonating on the national level.

Dr. Kelli Ward is conservative and the only Republican running against Sen. Flake in 2018 for the U. S. Senate seat he currently holds. Dr. Ward released the following statement in response to the presidential pardon of Sheriff Joe, and it is a vastly different message from what has been expressed by Flake and McCain:

“We applaud the President for exercising his pardon authority to counter the assault on Sheriff Arpaio’s heroic efforts to enforce the nation’s immigration laws.”

Dr. Ward has served two terms in the Arizona State Senate and ran against John McCain in the 2016 primary. With the attention generated from President Trump’s tweet on August 17, Dr. Ward has received endorsements from Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin in her new campaign to unseat Flake in 2018.

Since Trump’s appearance in Phoenix last week, Dr. Ward has also released a new campaign ad featuring the president’s remarks:

If the ‘rule of law’ is to be respected, it is going to take leaders, like Dr. Ward, willing to step up and enforce the laws we already have. McCain and Flake have been directly responsible for creating a chaotic and dangerous border situation leaving law enforcement’s resources strapped, border patrol’s hands tied and law-abiding citizens vulnerable. Lives have been affected on both sides of the border thanks to the lack of will on the part of our federal government to enforce laws currently on the books. Both of Arizona’s Senators are directly responsible for allowing such hideous and dangerous activity to manifest at the border, throughout Arizona and across the country. Sounds criminal, does it not?

Sheriff Joe is to be commended for his lifetime of service, which spans long before his 1993 election win as Maricopa County Sheriff. America’s Sheriff deserves to be honored for protecting lives and the law by doing the job the feds have long refused to do.

Lisa Ruth

Lisa Ruth

Team Writer at Western Free Press
Lisa grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her writings have appeared in several publications including UR Chicago, Sonoran Alliance, Arizona Daily Independent, Smart Girl Nation and She has been a featured guest on The Tammy Bruce Show, Monica Crowley, The Freedom Hour, KNST Tucson’s Saturday Nite Rap Up, The James T. Harris Show and was a co-host for Red Pill Radio 2013-2014 with fellow host and Arizona Daily Independent contributor Keith Powell.

Lisa currently resides in Portland, Oregon with her artwork, a ton of books and her cats.
Lisa Ruth

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Sheriff Joe Enforced the Laws McCain and Flake Ignored