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Trump’s Election Surprised and Addled the Out-of-Touch Status Quo

Posted: August 19, 2017 at 12:00 pm   /   by

By Nancy Thorner in collaboration with Bonnie O’Neil, Vice President, Eagle Forum, CA

The 2016 Presidential election will likely be studied and scrutinized for decades due to its various unexpected and unconventional aspects. No matter if you did or did not vote for Donald Trump, the election and next four years will be informative, possibly even critical to the future of America.

Even if all the facts may never emerge, there is enough known about the direction our country had taken in the previous decade. This direction resulted in an election which reflected that the majority of voters did not agree with this direction and in 2016 wanted a change. For those of us viewing the twists and turns, as new information emerges each day, we can only hope that the facts already exposed and the resultant controversial dialogue will ultimately benefit America in the years ahead.

As George Bernard Shaw stated: “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

Circumstances that reasonable people found objectionable in the last eight years under President Obama and which were believed to be largely sanitized by a liberal media, include:

(1) The I.R.S. scandal that targeted conservative groups;

(2) Lack of  proper health care for veterans;

(3) “Fast and Furious” – a program  in which government agents sold guns to suspected Mexican gangs which resulted in an American border agent, Brian Terry, being killed by one of those guns;

(4) The attack that killed our Ambassador and four brave men in Benghazi, which Obama and his administration intentionally blamed on an obscure anti-Muslim video while knowing it was a terrorist attack.  Hillary had ignored the pleas of our Ambassador who had begged for reinforcements;

(5) The use of federal funds to subsidize “green energy” companies like Solyndra with massive loans, only for these companies to collapse and file for bankruptcy;

(6) The private conversation between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch on the tarmac; and

(7)  FBI Director Comey excusing Hillary’s use of a private server which contained classified material and likely was compromised by foreign countries.

A significantly biased Leftist media helped to shape the information above to soften the problems it presented to the Obama administration, but a surprisingly alert number of Americans were disgusted and knew the truth when it came time to mark their ballots. However, instead of the Democrats strategizing why voters rejected Hillary in favor of Trump, a non-politician, they chose instead to double-down, form Resistance groups to oppose Trump, and encourage their friends in the media to destroy our President. Thus, a “Resistance” effort was established which some have called detrimental to America if not treasonous.

Recently, Congresswoman Maxine Waters had the audacity to state: “Not only will we resist you, we will impeach you, Donald Trump.” Some have suggested it would serve America if Waters were the one impeached.


How Trump overcame enormous odds to win the Presidency

It might be prudent for Democrats to consider a recent article written by Evan Sayet, which provides some interesting reasons for how and why Donald Trump overcame enormous odds to win the Presidency. Sayet says Trump, among all the other Republicans, was a fighter. He was the only candidate who was not intimidated by the Leftists and instead was willing to fight hard against the ugly tactics often used by many on the Left. Trump had the personality, will, desire, and stamina to fight enemies from inside as well as outside our Country and sadly has had to even contend with moderates within the Republican Party who have resisted supporting him. The “D.C. swamp” is not limited to members of just one political party.

Sayet believes the qualities Leftists say Trump lacks are the very ones most helpful in the war that Democrat officials, media sources, and community organizers have waged against President Trump and other Republicans who dare to oppose their agenda.  Attributes such as “dignified,” “collegiality,” and “proper” are ones Trump opponents claim are necessary for our President, but Sayet says they are the very ones that America does not need at this point in history.

Sayet describes Donald Trump as America’s first wartime president in the Culture War we fight today.  He stated attributes like “dignity” and “collegiality” simply are not the essential qualities one looks for in a warrior during battle. Sayet used examples like Ulysses Grant who was a drunk in peacetime and thus might have been drummed out of the Army for unbecoming conduct; instead, he was a hero winning a critical war. General George Patton was a vulgar-talking jerk who in peacetime might have been stripped of his rank had General Dwight Eisenhower and/or President Roosevelt not allowed Patton to lead our army forward in battles against Hitler’s army which helped to change war results in our favor. Trump, like Grant and Patton, may be the right person at the right time in our history. It should be noted that Donald Trump does not drink nor does his language compare to that of General George Patton. The one connection all these warriors have in common is courage and a love for winning over the enemy that threatened them and now threatens each of us.

This type of leader is a threat to Liberals who are keen on Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, which dictate the opposite of everything our country has believed in since its founding. Savet’s article states that Alinsiky’s book was the playbook for the entire Obama administration, and it should be of interest to all American patriots that Alinsky was the very subject of Hillary Clinton’s senior thesis. What did Alinsky advocate? the opponent with constant, vicious attacks, whether true or not.  That should be a wake-up call to every American patriot. A person can have all the outward signs of someone appealing, but in fact have self-serving purposes. These people appeal to the public with carefully crafted rhetoric, but their actions reveal their treachery and anti-American intentions. Trump has the personality to respond to these types of attacks, while many politicians would buckle under the pressure.

Sayet’s article also reveals what he thinks of the “fake media.” Sayet stated how the media has gotten many significant stories of the past sixty years not just wrong, but diametrically opposed to the truth. Recent examples given were the Benghazi tragedy and what really happened on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. In declaring war on the media, Trump parrots the message of the Leftists by using the Alinsky tactics against those who practice these tactics – CNN and media personalities including sources like Al Sharpton, Rachel Maddow, Paul Krugman, and Nicholas Kristof.  Trump quickly identified those who employed Alinsky tactics as a weapon against him and was able to turn it back on them.  Few, if any Republican leaders, would be able to do this as effectively as Trump.


Extent of corruption realized and reflected at ballot box

Thanks to a few Conservative media sources, including FOX and a variety of Conservative websites, voters began to understand the extent of corruption in our nation, understood the causes, and then realized that most politicians were not only ineffective but were actually part of the problem. They preferred a non-politician with common sense rather than the typical attributes of “dignified,” “collegial,” and/or “always proper”, which might have been sufficient in another time, but not at a time when the establishment and elected legislators in both political parties are more interested in keeping a corrupt status-quo to retain their power and reap financial rewards than in listening to the voice of the electorate and making America great again. Trump’s lack of political ties proved to be an asset, as did his strong, aggressive personality.  Thus Trump’s election may be the result of the majority of voters understanding all this, as opposed to Democrats and most media sources.

Another reason offered for Donald Trump’s victory is that it is an answer to the prayers of Americans throughout our country.

Christians believe that God heard and chose the perfect person to guide America in the right direction, much like what the Old Testament revealed when God chose David, despite his flaws.  David became the renowned king of Israel for 40 years.  Christians will settle for eight.

Christians believe God’s Word and that He chose David and many others to lead despite their flaws. They are therefore more apt to see Trump as a sign of God’s hand of protection upon our President, Congress, citizens, and nation. America is in need of help, because the World has many problems that need the help of this powerful heavenly Source.  Perhaps our churches will see the importance of praying for our new leader.

Some have asked whether specific Democrats are so riddled with hatred for Trump and/or consumed with destroying him that they are willing to abandon the principles upon which our nation was founded and the dictates set forth in our Constitution. Democrats’ and a few Republicans’ actions today are dangerously close to what most reasonable people see as sedition if not treason.

It is time and absolutely essential for both parties to engage in positive discussions providing common ground to establish what is best for all of America, not individuals or their particular Party.

Nancy Thorner

Nancy Thorner

Team Writer at Western Free Press
Nancy J. Thorner is a writer, cellist, and Tea Party activist based in suburban Chicago. Nancy grew up in a suburb of Reading, PA, and graduated from Wilson High School in 1956. Nancy is proud of her Pennsylvania Deutch heritage. Her ancestors came from Germany in 1738 and settled near Philadelphia, Pa. Falling in love with music at an early age, Nancy attended Lebanon Valley College in Annville, PA, where in 1960 she received a Bachelor of Science degree (cum laude) in Music Education. In 1964, Nancy was awarded the degree of Master of Education from West Chester State College, West Chester, PA.

Although a staunch conservative Republican all her life, it wasn't until the mid-90s that Nancy not only realized she could write, but that she also had strong political opinions that needed to be expressed.

Nancy is active in the following organizations: The Heartland Institute, The Illinois Policy Institute, Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, Illinois Family Institute, Family-Pac, Republican Assembly of Lake County, and the Women's Republican Club of Lake Forest/Lake Bluff. She regularly attends Lakeview Presbyterian Church, PCA.
Nancy Thorner

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Trump's Election Surprised and Addled the Out-of-Touch Status Quo