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“I used to date Hispanic guys, but now I prefer consensual” -Amy Schumer

Posted: August 16, 2017 at 7:14 am   /   by

Apparently, it is acceptable to say that all Hispanic men are rapists as long as it comes from a liberal feminist like Amy Schumer, but God forbid it comes from the mouth of a Conservative.

The hypocrisy is evident. Upworthy applauded Schumer for her racists jokes, by stating: “Read Amy Schumer’s excellent response to a racist joke she made a few years ago.”

Schumer’s  response:  “It is a joke and it’s funny.”

Speaking on behalf of the Left, apparently, Robbie Couch states in his article that all they want is an apology: “Most of the time, acknowledgment of wrongdoing — accompanied with a sincere apology — is all we’re asking for!”

Is it really? Is that why liberals continue to attack Trump for the statements he made about Hispanics during his campaign?  Is it truly all you are asking for?

Trump has clarified his position many times. He admitted that he referred to criminal immigrants only and that his words were taken out of context,  and yet the Left is relentless; they are on a never ending quest to portray Trump as an anti-immigrant President that must be feared by all.

What is Schumer’s excuse? Is it because it is ‘fun’?  When she jokes about being raped by Hispanic men she is perpetuating the very stereotypes that she is supposedly fighting against.

Just last week, Schumer posted on Twitter: “I will joke about things you like and I will joke about things you aren’t comfortable with. … That includes making dumb jokes involving race.”

Does she get a pass just because she “plays dumb?”

In other words, it is “okay” to joke about being raped by Hispanic men if it is said by a liberal feminist, but it is unacceptable otherwise.

Wake up, Amy Schumer, if you really want to “fight for everyone to be treated equally” then follow your own standards. Selective outrage will get you nowhere, and it only proves that the “dumb girl act” is not necessarily just an act.


Valentina Humphrey

Valentina Humphrey

Team Writer at Western Free Press
Valentina Humphrey is a criminologist, writer, and researcher, actively involved in her local community. She is also a news analyst for the Media Research Center. She has experience working in the non-profit sector and has published some of her original work through various online outlets. In her free time, she enjoys sports, coffee, and creative writing. Follow her on Twitter @val_humphrey
Valentina Humphrey

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"I used to date Hispanic guys, but now I prefer consensual" -Amy Schumer