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Representatives or Lap Dogs?

Posted: August 12, 2017 at 1:00 pm   /   by

There comes a time of awaking when the citizens must fight back against a corrupt government, show unity and make the effort to correct the attacks against the freedoms we have and are supposed to enjoy. Now, is a good time to begin.

In January of 2103 the Three Men In A Room in Albany, meaning Governor Cuomo, Assembly Speaker, Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos conspired and succeeded in creating a “message of necessity” to pass a law that would provide the strictest gun control laws in the country.
Many said it was the brain child of the governor to make it possible for him to proclaim that he was powerful enough to do that and it would be an issue for him to campaign on in the quest to run for president Some still say that.

The law was passed literally in the middle of the night without any input from law enforcement or the citizens. The legislators were not given adequate time to read the law or give it time for serious debate. The governor wanted the bill, cut deals with “leadership” and the corrupt legislators nodded like trained monkeys and passed the bill.

The uncorrupted legislators who voted against the bill were vastly outnumbered by the power structure of party politics and past practices. The bill should have been submitted to the proper committees, debated and revised and then submitted to the floor with the normal three day delay.
Informed sources have commented that it was done deliberately for that reason. Had it gone through the normal procedures, they say the bill would not have been passed because the voters would have had the opportunity to contact their representatives to object and the law enforcement agencies would have had the chance to voice their opinion. All were denied that option.

Shortly after the SAFE act went into effect, Speaker Silver and Majority Leader Skelos were convicted of corrupt practices involving other issues..
Many liberals say the bill is very popular, but they neglect to say that when the law was passed, more than 50 county legislatures passed a resolution calling for repeal for the bill. This year it is said that the governor told the “leadership” he didn’t want any gun bills to be introduced on the floor. Like good lap dogs, the corrupt politicians wouldn’t let any of the bills out of the committees.

The Republican Senate may have some big problems next year since all are up for reelection and several are facing the prospect of primaries in the upstate areas. It wouldn’t take many changes for the Republicans to lose their seats considering the ultra slim majority they hold. A couple of defeats would give the Democrats total control of the process and we could see more people in office who think they should rule rather than represent the citizens of our state.
Where the Republicans are the most vulnerable is with the attitudes of those who say: “What’s the sense of voting for a Republican when they vote with the Democrats?” To the majority of the New York gun owners the Democrats are the enemies of the Second Amendment and they have plenty of proof to back up that opinion. Mickey Kearns of Erie County was a lonely exception. He voted against the SAFE act.

However, now we have a light shining in the black hole of gun control. Congressman Chris Collins introduced the SAGA bill which would make most of the objectionable parts of the SAFE act illegal. It is a federal bill that helps to better define the Heller Decision regarding “reasonable restrictions.” It would make it illegal for the states to infringe on the rights of the citizens to own firearms for features that are legal by federal law. For instance, a semi-automatic rifle with a bayonet lug in New York is illegal. How does that cut down on “gun violence.” Other restrictions are just as stupid.

The part of the SAFE act that prevents the Amish from buying guns because they don’t have a photo ID which is necessary to get a NICS check would still be in effect in NY. Possibly because Governor Cuomo believes that they are a society of violent criminals. What other reason could he have?

The SAGA bill is an excellent bill and a good step in protecting the Second Amendment in New York. It provides strength to the concept of “equal protection under the law.” A person who is an upright outstanding citizen in Pennsylvania and 47 other states can be a felon if they cross the NY border with a magazine holding more than ten rounds. Even if he didn’t bring a gun that uses the magazine, he can still be charged and convicted of a crime that results in a sentence of up to seven years. How is that justice?

The Collins bill is getting plenty of support throughout the United States and has a good chance of passing. It is time to contact your congressman and urge your representative and senators to support this bill. Freedom is a precious right. It deserves to be protected.

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Representatives or Lap Dogs?