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Fleecing American Voters: The Attempt to take down a President

Posted: August 9, 2017 at 10:00 am   /   by

Fleecing American Voters: The attempt to take down a President

The election of Donald J. Trump continues to widen the political gap in this country. Before he was able to set one foot into Oval Office, a plan has been underway to delegitimize and nullify his presidency by Fleecing American Voters – an outright attempt to strip away their constitutional rights.  A modern day coup d’état which is being led by the Progressive Left, The Resistance.Democrats, along with the mainstream media and the Never Trumpers, have embarked on a witch hunt. They’re digging for even the smallest spec of scandal. Going so far as to conjure things up out of thin air. They continue ignoring voters, and by doing so, further alienate those they’ve already driven away.

The Resistance wants its voters to believe the election was stolen from them, and in retaliation are intentionally trying to block every turn the Trump Administration takes. This effort officially began on Inauguration Day as members of the Hollywood Elite joined forces with outraged citizens. They rallied to show their contempt for Trump, his policies, and those who voted for him.

Within the Democrat Party, fleecing American voters of their voice and will has become even more clear over the last 7-8 years. Under the leadership of Barak Obama, the loss of control in all branches of government is a strong warning the Democrats have failed to heed. The range of seats lost is vast, and comprises of many state and federal positions. The continued downward spiral has resulted in additional congressional and state legislative seats, some governorships, and most notably the presidential election of 2016. I’ve said it before and I still say it; Trump is a direct result of this leadership. A vacuum created by the political establishment of both parties and the Obama administration – or as Trump so fondly refers to them, “The Swamp”. With an overwhelming majority (as shown by the map below), THIS is why we now have President Donald J. Trump.

Are there things I don’t like, even can’t stand about Trump? Absolutely. Do I think his “moral fiber” leaves little to be desired? Sometimes. Do I think he’s making a mockery of the highest office in America? Depends on who you ask. And of all these things, none are reason to remove him from office. Is Trump “fit” to be president? I don’t think so. But he is, and at least half of this country believed he was on election day. What continues to NOT be addressed are the many reasons WHY Trump was elected. Yes, I know, it’s those dang Right-wing, Christian, white, redneck, misogynist, race-hating, xenophobic, Neo-Nazi people that hate the handicapped and less fortunate that elected Trump, but in reality, those people are very few and far between. What about the rest of the people that voted him into office? Or more specifically, the people that made sure to vote and keep Hillary out of office?

Fast forward to present day, and many are still hell-bent on denying American voters. It has been over 6 months and still there is no concrete evidence that Trump colluded with Russia in an attempt to affect the outcome of the election. One by one, each person within Trump’s administration and family are coming under fire for unverified crimes conjured up by anonymous sources.  They are systematically being thrown out of the White House by a blood thirsty party of petulant children. The leaks coming out the White House should not be condoned. Despite your political affiliation, they are illegal and treasonous regardless of who they target. It’s a constitutional crisis that should concern ALL Americans, because not only does it ignore American voters, it puts our national security in jeopardy.

In a recent post of mine to Facebook, which then resulted in the writing of this article,  I briefly stated the crisis that is unfolding here in America in regards to the many leaks that have been coming of out the White House since Trump took office. I was told there’s no difference between our current situation and Watergate.


Mia Rhode Facebook

The responses varied, but it was one response that seems to be growing in popularity with the Left. One specific response read as follows:

I do have to point out that no one would have known about Watergate if it had not been for information being leaked. If there are treasonous acts happening within the White House, how are we to condemn a patriotic citizen who loves this country so much that they will put themselves in jeopardy to get the truth to the American people?

Watergate? No. There is definitely a difference between the two. With regards to Watergate, a legitimate and verifiable crime was committed first, hence an investigation proceeded. Pertaining to Trump, this is strictly a smear campaign with “investigators” hoping to find something illegal. As far as I know, there has been no legitimate or verifiable crime committed, unless you count actually being elected as President of the United States.

The Left has continued to hold on to the claims of Russian collusion of which there STILL has not been any verifiable or concrete evidence. And collusion is NOT a crime in itself. Yes, it does give the appearance of something run amok, but in itself, it is not a crime.

Obama colluded with Russia. Remember when a hot mic caught Obama speaking to then Russian President Dmitri Medvedev about missile defense? I believe President Obama’s exact words were,

“This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility,”

Medvedev was quick to respond, and seemingly understood what Obama was implying,

“I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.” 

Hillary colluded with Russia. Remember the time when the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, sold 20% of the United States’ Uranium to Russia? And lets not forget how her foundation, the Clinton Foundation, made a hefty sum as a result of this and many other “deals?” Solid proof of which we do have, but has intentionally been ignored by the Left and the mainstream media. If collusion really is a crime, then shouldn’t Hillary and Obama also be investigated? To go even further then, shouldn’t everyone who’s been pushing the “impeach Trump” narrative, even before he officially took office, be guilty of collusion? Collusion to get an uncouth and seemingly “unfit to be president” man out of the Oval Office? That depends on who’s making the rules, and currently it seems to be the Democrats, and their ultimate success would be to completely remove Trump from office. All this by a party that still refuses to face the truth; the truth that they lost the election because the American people were sick and tired of being ignored; tired of being used as pawns in political class warfare.

Fleecing American Voters:

This is not a new concept, but now we are being dragged into dangerous territory. We are witnessing the attempt of one party to nullify another party’s duly elected president, and completely ignore the will of the people. Instead of learning why Hillary didn’t win, Democrats are persistent in drumming up one fake narrative after another. They’re trying to convince YOU that Trump is a horrible person and therefore couldn’t possibly have won. They are too self-absorbed to realize that their candidate was so out of touch with reality and the average American voter. Too blind to hear the voices of “the forgotten,” the middle class who is the backbone of this country. They ignore the need to have a country where its citizens feel safe in their own backyards.

Instead, Democrats would rather have us believe we are victims; that more government is somehow the answer. They want us to believe that everyone is equal, yet the needs of some supersede the needs of others. They want us to believe that “all lives matter,” but not if you’re white, rich, Christian, a man, heterosexual, unborn, and most of all, conservative. This sentiment was so poignantly stated by a recent posting I saw on Facebook:

I Present to You, the Schizophrenia of the Left:

Gender is an arbitrary societal construct. Hillary should have been elected because we needed a female president.

Gay marriage and abortion are in the Constitution, while the right to bear arms is not.

My opinion as a woman only matters if I’m a Democrat.

My opinion as a person of color only matters if I’m a Democrat.

A man can never understand a woman’s perspective on abortion, but he can become a woman.

If two people want to get married it’s none of your business, but if two consenting adults agree to a wage for services, it is your business how much said wage should be.

You’re too old and too white to run for office … unless you’re a Democrat.

Death penalty for unborn babies is part of women’s rights. Death penalty for sadistic murders is abhorrent.

Global warming is “settled science,” but a fetus is not a live human being.

Tolerance is a one-way street with liberals deciding the direction.

Christians are out of line for saying homosexuality is a sin, but Muslims throwing homosexuals to their deaths off of buildings are just practicing their peaceful religion.

If you want it, you’re entitled to it.

When losing a debate strictly on facts, I can call my opponent a racist or a bigot and the debate is over because I win.

Christians should just learn to coexist with the peaceful Muslims, then they wouldn’t be beheaded… It’s the Christians’ fault because — Crusades!

Gay marriage will have zero impact on you, now bake a gay wedding cake or get sued for all you have worked for.

The Bible is completely irrelevant and absolutely false … until someone hurts their feelings. Then, God is love, and, “Judge Not.”

Science is king … except for that one lesson in biology regarding sex as male or female. That’s not accurate at all.

Koch brothers = evil corporate interests; George Soros = benevolent donor. The religion of preference is Islam. The favorite special interest group is the LGBTQ…XYZ community… It does not matter that support of the first would result in the eradication of the other.

Gender is fluid; climate is not.

Life begins when they say, and chromosomes don’t matter.

Atheists, who claim God does not exist, believe He will be the end of civilization if we worship Him.

Sounds absurd, right? Even flat out ridiculous to some of you, but yet this is the world we now live in. This is the society that the Resistance wants to facilitate. THIS is the only way Democrats can continue to thrive and exist; by perpetuating victimhood and subjugating an entire population into class warfare; by fleecing American voters of their constitutional right to choose their government. But we have had enough and America is starting to push back, though. ‘We the People’ have had enough of the political establishment and are taking measures into our own hands, and that started with the election of Donald J. Trump.

Unfortunately, those who need to hear this message the most still are not getting it. They refused to heed the warning calls and continue to push back on the cries for help. We are on the verge of a constitutional crisis in America, a new civil war. Ignoring the will of the people and nullifying an entire election would cause a rift in this country unlike we’ve ever seen before. If the Democrats and the GOP Establishment succeed in removing Trump from office, the backlash they’ll face will be like nothing we’ve seen before.

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Fleecing American Voters: The Attempt to take down a President