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Save Texas Summers

Posted: August 5, 2017 at 11:00 am   /   by

By Donna Garner

I have real concerns over allowing each Texas public school district to adopt its own school year start date. Such a statewide plan would destroy the summer camping programs in which so many urban children, disabled children, church groups, athletes, and others experience opportunities that can change their lives.

The Texas economy would be harmed because of shortening the summer traveling season. Many schools would decide to start way early (or even have year-round schools) so as to have lengthy breaks throughout the school year; but the problem with that is that these breaks would occur during the bad weather months when the resort industry is in its down time with staffing.

The UIL organizes all K-12 athletic and academic programs in Texas and tries to set its activities so that they do not conflict with state-mandated testing dates and national holidays. The UIL organizes both athletic and academic tournaments/play-offs from the local level to the state championships. With no standard calendar used across the state, local school calendars would find conflicts which would cause dysfunction for their students.

Activities that build close family relationships (e.g., family reunions, camping trips, cruises, etc.) would be hampered because every school district calendar across the state would be different with different breaks and starting dates.

Texans need to exert much influence on the Texas Legislature to require that public schools start their fall term no earlier than the 4th Monday in August.

If you agree with me, please go to SAVE TEXAS SUMMERS Facebook page and “like” it.

Also, express your support on Twitter for #SaveTexasSummers and #MakeSummerWork.

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Save Texas Summers