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Four Things About Calexit People Rarely Seem To Bring Up

Posted: August 2, 2017 at 2:52 pm   /   by

Okay.  So, it seems “Calexit”—the effort by some oddballs to get California to secede from the union—has gotten legs, after all: It’s gotten enough signatures to get on the state ballot.

All right, folks: I’ve noticed how it’s been all over social media—especially on our side of the aisle.  Basically, we’ve assumed—understandably so—that it’s a bunch of Lefty hypocrites who’ve taken their sore-loser status to a whole new level.  And a lot of folks have even gone, “GOOD!  Get outta here, Lefties—you’re dragging America down with your Leftism.  Secede away, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”

Sometimes it’s even linked to “And take Hollywierd with you!  BOYCOTT HOLLYWIERD!!!  BOYCOTT IT ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!”

Couldn’t resist, folks.

All right—here’s the thing.  A lot of folks have missed a few issues about the movement, just taking what’s on the surface.  But as Glenn Beck pointed out all the time during the Obama era, we need to both “Watch the other hand” and look beneath the surface.  What’s really going on here?  What’s it all about?  Meanwhile, is there any real traction to all this…or is it just a bunch of bloviating from a loud minority?


First—Not even the “Calexit” crew can really agree what the movement’s supposed to be about!

Seriously!  Is it a deranged Lefty sore-loser reaction to the Trump victory last year?  Sure looked that way, with the big surge in “#Calexit” on social media, post-election.  And just recently, a Calexit leader told Tucker Carlson that they’re perfectly fine with middle-class Californians leaving the state…because it opens the door for “migrant workers”, or…something.

That certainly seems to be our side’s knee-jerk interpretation of Calexit: That it’s a bunch of Lefties who can’t stand that Trump won, and just want out.

And yet…is it really that simple?  Supposedly, one of the early leaders of the movement was a registered Republican.  Maybe he had Machiavellian motives.  That’s what the L.A. Times seems to think—that he had an evil plot to cut a major centerpiece of the Leftist population in America out of the picture, by manipulating the California Left.  At any rate, he’s left for Russia.

Regardless, there are Calexit supporters who complain about—see if you can wrap your heads around this—federal taxes and regulations burdening California’s economy.

Yep.  Apparently these guys haven’t heard of Jerry Brown—who’s only the current governor of California, and who’s led the Democrats in the state legislature in skyrocketing taxes and regulation, basically screwing up California’s economy.  Apparently, Calexit would rather blame California’s economic woes on Washington than on Sacramento.  See, as the “Yes California” (Calexit’s official name) website argues, the real reason for all those high taxes is not to pay for those ever-increasing, ever-bloated government programs under Brown and Company, no!  It’s to pay for the rest of the country, or…something….

They seem really blind to the fact that Texas is doing really well, these days—Washington or no Washington.

Which brings me to—

Second—The compare/contrast with “Texit” is REALLY worth looking at.

Remember when people in Texas talked about seceding?  People pretty much mocked and dismissed the idea.  Yes, some Conservatives kinda entertained it—but in a “Hey, guy/gal can dream” kind of way.  It was shortly before the Tea Party surge of 2010—at a time when the Democrats seemed to rule all.  The Conservative moment seemed put on the run, and some wondered if it wouldn’t be better to just go “heck with it” and butt out.  And if Texas had, miraculously, managed to secede, we could pretty much envision Conservatives en masse migrating to the Lone Star Republic…and the economy of the United States collapsing under Leftism, Atlas Shrugged style.

Okay, let’s look at the facts.  Taking another look at the manifesto of “Yes California”, they talk about California being by itself one of the largest economies in the world—rich in resources, full of businesses, etc.


But again, “experts” mocked the idea of “Texit”.  “Come on—Texas can’t secede; I don’t care what the original contract bringing Texas into the Union says!  We fought a war over this—states can’t secede!”

Well, they don’t seem to be mocking Calexit.

Actually, they seem to be legitimately afraid of it.

Third—The Establishment Left doesn’t want California to secede—at all.

That’s the last thing Democrats want.

The “Yes California” site laughably insists that California has had no effect on national elections since 18-whatever.  All I can say is, I remember watching the 2008 elections, and how the McCain-Obama race looked pretty darn close…until California came in with its electors.  Boom, Obama wins big.

Let’s be honest.  California is the Democrats’ main treasure trove of electors—much as Texas is, for our side.  There’s a lot of Democrats in the House coming from California, too—including self-promoted “superstars” like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.  There’s also the notorious 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

If all of that were to get stripped out of America…well, the Democrats would be in far worse shape, politically, than they already are.  And the GOP would face a lot less interference…and therefore have even less excuses.

Cue even the L.A. Times in a panic about how bad an idea this is.  “It won’t help us—it’ll only hurt the rest of the U.S.!”

Of course, again, the Left neglects to acknowledge that the problems California’s facing have everything to do with the Democrat-run state government and have nothing to do with Washington.  Again: Texas!

Fourth—Calexit does not have the support its social media presence implies.

Not even close.

“1 in 3 Californians support Calexit!” claim the supporters of the movement.  Well…even if that were true (Come on: Can we really trust these “oversampled-Democrat” polls, after Trump’s victory?), what does that mean, really?

It means the “Stay in the Union” crowd outnumbers the Calexit crowd 2 to 1.

Could that change in Calexit’s favor?  Maybe.  In time for the ballot vote?  Probably not.

Honestly, roughly 1 in 3 California voters last year went Republican.  And what are the odds that 2018 will suddenly see a GOP-favoring turnaround…?

Well, weirder things have happened.  After all, Trump cleaned up in the Rust Belt—including the ever-elusive Pennsylvania.  But he did it by brilliantly fracturing the Democrat coalition by snatching the union vote.

So…which group is more likely to snatch a vital block away from the opposition: Calexit…or California Republicans?

Well, considering the real sources of California’s economic woes, a rational world would have “GOP” as the clear answer.  But then, considering Jerry Brown’s inexplicable popularity, “rational” is pretty darn debatable in the world of California politics.


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons / BlueHypercane761
License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0

Eric Blake

Eric Blake

Team Writer at Western Free Press
Eric M. Blake is a recent graduate of the University of South Florida, with a Bachelor's in Political Science and a Master's in Film Studies.  As that implies, he is very passionate about political theory and filmmaking--and the connections between the two.  Inspired by Andrew Breitbart's axiom that "Politics is downstream from culture", he is deeply fascinated by the great influence that popular culture has on public opinion, and is a firm believer in the power of storytelling.  He proudly owns his second copy of Ben Shapiro's Primetime Propaganda...his first copy having been worn out though intense re-reading.

Eric was raised by Conservative Christian parents, but first became especially passionate about politics in high school, through reading up on economic theory.  He also first read The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged around this time, for the ARI's essay contests.  He now owns a great deal of Ayn Rand's work.  Also included in his library are the collected works of Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter, etc.

Eric is no stranger to writing commentary, as the writer of the Conservative Considerations column on, and as a film critic and commentator on  He has also carried on the Conservative tradition of talk radio commentary, as the host of "Avengers of America" for the USF student radio station, Bulls Radio.  In the meantime, he is practicing what he preaches: Striving to enter the professional realm of Hollywood, he has already written and directed short films for the Campus MovieFest, which can be found on his YouTube channel, Hard Boiled Entertainment.
Eric Blake

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Four Things About Calexit People Rarely Seem To Bring Up