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In the Spirit of Dunkirk

Imperial War Museum/CC0 Public Domain
Posted: July 31, 2017 at 7:00 am   /   by

On the 26th of May, 1940, Winston Churchill ordered the commencement of Operation Dynamo, the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from Europe. The actions that took place over the next 9 days on the beaches of Dunkirk and in the skies overhead were instrumental in preserving humanity as we know it.

Christopher Nolan’s film Dunkirk is the story of those decisive actions. His film imparts upon the viewer the gravity of the situation in that uncertain time. It makes one feel what was truly at stake.

The lesson of Dunkirk is one that should never be lost upon any citizen of the English speaking world. That persistence, resolve, and courage can overcome evil. That every man can be a hero.

When an allied force of 400,000 men was stranded on the beaches of France, separated from home by 20 miles of sea, the British people acted. With Lord Nelson’s order from Trafalgar ringing in their ears, every Englishman “did his duty.” An armada of over 400 private vessels—ranging from trawlers to yachts to a 14ft fishing boat—piloted by ordinary men and women doing their part for their country, set sail for Dunkirk. These ordinary Englishmen—fisherman, farmers, weekend pleasure cruisers—were heroes in the truest sense of the word. Placing the fate of their nation before themselves, they saved the world from Nazi tyranny.

Today it is increasingly clear that we have lost the will to be heroes, that we have no desire to be patriots. When given a choice, we do not respond to the call to do what is right, instead we almost invariably to do what is either easy or pleasurable. Our only goal is our own happiness. We have withdrawn ourselves from the battle between good and evil and no longer fight for our values.

In 1940, the British people were faced with a choice: Victory or Death. Today we have before us a question of similar magnitude, it is up to us to decide what the future of the world will look like. The United States and Great Britain stand together with common interests, and share—with the rest of the English speaking world—a common destiny. We are the peoples that will deliver across the globe: freedom, justice, and morality, as we have done for centuries. But freedom is not free, justice does not simply materialize, and morality is not inherent. The preservation and expansion of these tenets of our society requires heroes, men of valour.

It is, then, our common duty to fend off the threats to our way of life. At a time when millions from the East line up at the gates of the West demanding entry, we must hold close our culture and morality, lest they be altered or diluted. We must not be overcome by our own good will. We as an English speaking peoples need to stay strong, embracing the values that made us great—never losing sight of Judeo-Christian morality—with the goal of preserving the greatest nations the world has ever seen.

In the darkest days of 1940, it would have been easy for the British people to stay at home, to choose perceived safety over courage. Today, it is far easier to avoid conflict and allow the tide of history to pass unchecked. In 1940 they chose to be heroes. So must we.

The destiny of the English speaking world requires that we stand firm and resolved in defense of our values. In 1940 the British people fought to preserve their way of life from a regime bent on domination, a regime that abhorred fundamental freedoms such as the ones guaranteed by the United States Constitution and sought to repress these freedoms at every available opportunity. In these respects, the enemy of the west today is not dissimilar to the Nazi’s. We see everyday at Universities across the nation examples of students on the Left opposing the free speech of those with whom they disagree, seeking to suppress that speech with fanatical passion and violence. They protest our democratically elected president, set alight our campuses, and shoot our representatives.

The forthcoming generation of heroes will be forced to oppose foes operating within their own society. They will be fighting their countrymen for the fate of their country. They must purvey the principles that have brought the English speaking world to the forefront of mankind. Upon the success of our Judeo-Christian morality—the bedrock of society—lies the fate of the world. Without it we will surely descend into a new dark age.

I fear for our fate as a people if we lack the courage to fight for our way of life.


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In the Spirit of Dunkirk