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Exiled French Police Officer Prosecuted and Expelled for Anti-ISIS Post

Posted: July 25, 2017 at 11:30 am   /   by

Shortly after Sebastien Jallamion was cashiered from the French police force for a Facebook post depicting the leader of ISIS in crosshairs, he was badly beaten by North African Muslim “refugees” and required surgery.  When his attackers were finally brought to court, they received light sentences of a few months each but ended up walking free.

A fine that would have been impossible for Jallamion to pay was imposed by the prosecution for his “crime” of defaming Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, ensuring that he would certainly go to jail where Muslims rule the roost.

To avoid certain injury or even death in prison, Jallamion chose exile in Switzerland.

Janet Levy

Janet Levy, MSW, MBA, is a political activist, writer, public speaker and world traveler.She has contributed to American Thinker, Pajamas Media, FrontPage Magazine, Family Security Matters, and other publications and has served as an investigative reporter for Full Disclosure Network.Ms. Levy has been a guest on several radio programs, including Tammy Bruce, General Vallely’s Stand-up America, Pundit Review, the Center for Individual Freedom, and Alan Jones.As a staunch advocate for the preservation of constitutional freedoms, Ms. Levy has worked with various organizations and government representatives to stem the incursion of Islamic Shariah law into the American justice system. She has presented seminars on the effect of shariah law on women, the global jihad, the Islamist infiltration of American society and institutions and illegal immigration. In 2007, Ms. Levy was a media guest of the Joint Task Force – Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba.She blogs at

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Exiled French Police Officer Prosecuted and Expelled for Anti-ISIS Post