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Germany Sees Massive Increase in Immigrant Sexual Assaults

Posted: June 16, 2017 at 12:18 pm   /   by

The incredible influx of refugees and immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries into Germany has seen an accompanying increase in sexual assaults in the country from these new entrants.

An annual report by Criminality in the Context of Migration (Kriminalität im Kontext von Zuwanderung), and published by the Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA) on April 27 revealed an increase of nearly 500% in migrant sex crimes (defined as sexual assaults, rapes and sexual abuse of children) during the past four years.

The report showed that migrants (Zuwanderer, defined as asylum seekers, refugees and illegal immigrants) committed 3,404 sex crimes in 2016. This was a staggering 102% increase over 2015. By comparison, migrants committed 949 sex crimes in 2014, and 599 sex crimes in 2013.

According to the report, the main offenders in 2016 were from: Syria (up 318.7% from 2015); Afghanistan (up 259.3%); Iraq (up 222.7%); Pakistan (up 70.3%); Iran (up 329.7%); Algeria (up 100%); and Morocco (up 115.7%).

As initially reported by Gatestone Institute, the reason for the huge spike isn’t just a clash of culture, but rather the indifference that police have been giving to these incidents, and the fact that when they have paid attention, the perpetrators are often lightly dealt with.

Examples include incidents like that of a woman being raped in a park in Bonn.

The incident occurred shortly after midnight on April 2, when a 23-year-old woman was raped at a campground at the Siegaue nature reserve. When the woman’s panic-stricken 26-year-old boyfriend called the police emergency number for help, a female officer answered the phone. The man said: “My girlfriend is being raped by a black man. He has a machete.” The policewoman responded: “Are you f**cking with me?” (“Sie wollen mich nicht verarschen, oder?“). The man replied: “No, no.” The policewoman responded: “Hmm.” After some moments of silence, she promised to dispatch a police car to investigate. She then said, “thank you, bye-bye” and abruptly hung up the phone.

A few minutes later, the boyfriend again called the police emergency number and another officer answered the phone. The man said: “Hello, I just called your colleague.” The officer replied: “What is it?” The man: “It’s about my girlfriend being raped.” The officer: “This is in Siegaue, is not it?” The man: “Exactly.” The officer then told the man to call police in Siegburg, a town north of Bonn. “They can coordinate this properly,” the officer said before hanging up.

Police finally arrived at the scene about 20 minutes later. Frank Piontek, a spokesman for the Bonn police department, initially defended the police conduct: “Even if police would have handled this differently, nothing could have been done to stop the rape.” Facing a wave of public outrage, however, the Bonn police department police announced on May 31 — two months after the rape — that the two officers involved in the case would “never again” be allowed to work at the police emergency control center.

The perpetrator was a man by the name of Eric Kwame Andam X., a man well known to German police: he had previously been arrested five times for a variety of crimes, was never charged and always set free.

He had fled Ghana after murdering his brother, but had been refused asylum. Rather then being deported, a judge had arranged for him to be able to stay.

Germany’s migrant sex-crime problem is being exacerbated by its lenient legal system, in which offenders receive relatively light sentences, even for serious crimes. In many instances, individuals who are arrested for sex crimes are released after questioning from police. This practice allows criminal suspects to continue committing crimes with virtual impunity.

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Germany Sees Massive Increase in Immigrant Sexual Assaults