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Texas Legislature Doing Its Best To Destroy Education Reform in Texas

Posted: May 18, 2017 at 8:30 am   /   by

By Donna Garner

I get so tired of the Texas Legislature continuing to destroy education reform in Texas after so many of us have worked very hard to set education reform in place in our Texas public schools.

The elected members of the SBOE have adopted excellent, traditional (a.k.a., traditional) Social Studies curriculum requirements (TEKS) – the most fact-based, patriotic standards in the entire United States. Along comes the Lege, and they are trying to take away all accountability and emphasis on 8th grade social studies and U. S. History!

Good grief. If there is anything that “the man on the street” continually reveals is that our American young people are abysmally ignorant of U. S. History. Any knowledgeable person knows that if there is no accountability for both teachers and students, the Type #1 curriculum standards will not be implemented. Instead, Type #2/Common Core digitized instructional materials will be used instead – completely ignoring the Type #1 SBOE-adopted TEKS.

The idea of dumping the STAAR writing tests is another ridiculous idea. Instead of de-emphasizing correct grammar/usage/spelling, teachers need to emphasize it all the more. “What gets tested gets taught.” Again, correct writing is under siege in the United States; and nearly every parent/grandparent is frustrated over the lack of writing abilities seen in today’s students. Essays are by nature subjectively scored, but the STAAR writing tests do provide many objectively scored grammar/usage/spelling questions with right-or-wrong answers. Again, “What gets tested, gets taught.”

I trust that thinking Texas Legislators will nix these bills that would only serve to dumb down our Texas public school students.

“Thank you, Sen. Paul Bettencourt, for trying to reason with your fellow legislators. No cram session to get students ready to take the American citizenship test could ever take the place of solid history classes that prepare students to love America by understanding the sacrifices made by the heroes/heroines of the past.”

“House, Senate panels weigh dropping some STAAR requirements”

By Julie Chang – American-Statesman Staff
“As the legislative session draws to a close in less than two weeks, bills that would reduce state standardized test requirements in Texas are nearing the finish the line.

The House Public Education Committee considered a Senate bill on Tuesday that would continue for two more years a reprieve that allows high school seniors to graduate even if they fail up to two State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness.” [read more. . .]


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Texas Legislature Doing Its Best To Destroy Education Reform in Texas