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Heroin Kills More People Than Bullets

Posted: April 20, 2017 at 10:00 am   /   by

The facts are irrefutable, Illegal drugs are responsible for more death than gunfire, yet the government wastes more money on gun laws that could be better used to fight the battle involving the war on drugs. It could be that there is so much money in illegal drugs that there might be the type of corruption at high levels that impede the enforcement of drug laws.

One thing is for sure. More people are dying on a daily basis from drug overdoses than are shot, and that includes suicides. We will probably never know how many overdose deaths are really suicides, but we know that many drug addicts are depressed and depression is a pathway to suicide.

All of the illegal drugs, heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, etc. are not sold legally anywhere. Some prescriptions have an opium base and are supposedly strictly controlled, but these can he be easily abused and many people get hooked on opium by prescription pain killers. Whatever the origin, the habit is destructive and expensive.

We also know that most murders are drug or alcohol involved. Just as Prohibition was a failure in curbing alcohol abuse, the drug laws have little to no effect on drug abuse. During Prohibition there were speakeasies, alcohol imports from Canada and even moonshiners and home brew makers of alcoholic beverages. Wine and cider making was an old farm recipe for centuries and formerly law abiding people were known to have barrels of fermenting apple of grape juice in their cellars.

People grow marijuana in their homes, farms and fields. The “chemists” make crystal meth in strange places where they hope the equipment won’t be found. Where there is a buyer, you will find a supplier. That is a fact of life. However, this fact of life is something that is destroying life on a grand scale.

The strict Rockefeller Laws didn’t work and many of them have been repealed. Yet even with them, the street corners had dealers working and there are drug houses that seem to seldom be raided. We know that laws without enforcement is nothing more than advice.

Street gangs are better organized and their main source of income is the sale of illegal drugs, yet if a dealer is arrested and jailed, another seller pops up and takes his place. The supply always seems to meet the demand. So, how will it be stopped?

This will take tough and unpopular measures. Drug addiction starts early with the free sample to school children. Law enforcement claims that most schools are filled with drug sellers, yet, there seems to be a great reluctance on the part of school officials to admit the problem in THEIR schools and the cooperation is lacking.

A simple unannounced visit to the school by a police dog trained in drug detection going through the halls checking out lockers and maybe a sweep in the classrooms could pinpoint the people who are the merchants and distributors of drugs.

Yet we have the bleeding hearts that object because of “invasion of privacy” and “disruption of education” as a reason not to do it. Also it “gives the school a bad name” and the boards of education might be embarrassed by the revelation that they are not doing a good job in the war on drugs.

The other part of the equation is the importing of the drugs. Most agree that the majority of illegal drugs come through the southern border. Perhaps Trump’s wall can cut down on that route. Perhaps it that is cut off, another route will be opened. The Cartels are very ingenious when it comes to merchandising. So, how do we deal with that?

It would seem that with the modern technology, it would not be impossible to pinpoint where the drugs are being made by aerial photography or good intelligence. A drone with a good bomb could eliminate the source. However, it would take an agreement with the countries south of our border to approve of the action and with the corruption involved with the drug cartels, this could be a tough sell.

Decades ago there was a federal law proposed to give the death penalty to major drug dealers and it went nowhere. One judge mentioned that they tried it in Florida and by the time the trial was set, all the witnesses were murdered. That is a definite problem, but it still could be the answer if used correctly. The risk must be much greater than the reward.
This is a tough problem and there has to be a tough solution. The SAFE Act in New York has done nothing to reduce ”gun violence” or catch criminals. Wouldn’t it be more productive to shift the budget priorities and use that money to run a really effective war on drugs that can be won? Next time you see a politician, ask him or her.

Buffalo, NY

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Heroin Kills More People Than Bullets