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Thoughts On The Georgia Special Election

Posted: April 19, 2017 at 1:03 pm   /   by

Jon Ossoff did not win the Georgia Special Election—“morally” or otherwise.  Let’s just get that out there.

“But it was close in a Conservative district—!”

First of all, is it really so one-sidedly Conservative, considering how close Hillary’s loss was, there?

Second, here’s something to keep in mind, dear readers: Ossoff got “an unprecedented surge of campaign cash and national attention”…including a radio spot narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, who’s trying—real hard—to be the shepherd.  Seems he still doesn’t seem to get that he’s really the weak, serving the tyranny of evil men.

Incidentally, does anyone see the irony of the Democrats—who’ve long whined about “outside influence” on elections—relying on purely outside influence to even get close, here?

Anyway, the point is: the Democrats bet everything on this election—and still lost.  All they’ve gotten is a slot in the run-off, and this time, there won’t be a split opposition.

See, that’s the third thing to keep in mind: The GOP vote, altogether, beat Ossoff.  It just split up amongst a whole bunch of candidates.  But the rematch is coming, folks, on June 20th—and this time, there’ll be only one Republican on the ballot: Karen Handel.

(On that note, that seems to be a major problem with us, since 2008—way too many candidates, splitting the Conservative vote so the moderates win by default.  Not that Ms. Handel’s moderate, or anything—I just mean, we have this annoying tendency to allow too many candidates!  When is the GOP going to learn that that is not a good thing?  But I digress….)

Fourth, the Republicans, as is always the case in effective primaries, were pretty much focused on each other and why “I’m the best”.  With her competitors out of the way, Handel can now focus her attention on Ossoff…and let’s be honest, she’s got a lot of meat to chew on, here.

See, the thing is, Ossoff is a very weak candidate for the Dems—he’s got two bad targets on his back.  Namely:

  • He doesn’t even live in that district! “Outside influence” again—and it smacks of desperation for the Democrats, doesn’t it?
  • His reasons for not living in the district make him out to be a quintessential Beta Male, at best. “My girlfriend’s career has her live just outside the district, and I go where she goes.”

Mm-hmm….  Rush said it best today: Ossoff is the living personification of Pajama Boy—what has become of men on the Left, following along as the submissive partner.  Seriously, if the gal’s running things, why not cut out the middle man, and have her run for the office?

Might as well go with a woman who will step forward and roar—namely, lo and behold…the Republican.

Funny, isn’t it?  For all the pink-hatted pseudo-feminist whining about the “sexism” of the Trump era…in this race, we see a woman stepping forward and leading the charge…for the GOP.

I wonder if there’s gonna be a debate.  If Ossoff’s smart, he’ll beg off.  Like we all expect him to.

Meanwhile, Karen Handell has a golden chance to dominate, and take even the “moral victory” away.  And frankly, dominating Ossoff shouldn’t be too hard….

One more thing: What about the Democrats’ chances going forward?

“The resistance has it right: They are fighting mad, but they find joy in the fight. And so it’s not that anybody should be expected to gloss over the challenges that we have, or be Pollyanna about our situation as a country or as a party,” said Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz, decrying some of the party’s messaging describing the prospect of an Ossoff loss as devastating. “It’s just that there has to be a sense of momentum that builds over time and that requires that we define our objectives tightly — and that we are prepared to lose more than we win for the time being, but that we understand that we have the vast majority of the American people on our side, and history on our side.”

“The vast majority of the American people on our side.”


That’s why the GOP’s long cleaned up in state, local, and congressional elections.

And while we’re at it, dittos for “history on our side”.  Add on “Brexit” and the surge in popularity in France for one Madame Le Penn…and it sure seems that way, doesn’t it?


Image source: Wikimedia Commons / Jay Norwood Darling
License: Public Domain

Eric Blake

Eric Blake

Team Writer at Western Free Press
Eric M. Blake is a recent graduate of the University of South Florida, with a Bachelor's in Political Science and a Master's in Film Studies.  As that implies, he is very passionate about political theory and filmmaking--and the connections between the two.  Inspired by Andrew Breitbart's axiom that "Politics is downstream from culture", he is deeply fascinated by the great influence that popular culture has on public opinion, and is a firm believer in the power of storytelling.  He proudly owns his second copy of Ben Shapiro's Primetime Propaganda...his first copy having been worn out though intense re-reading.

Eric was raised by Conservative Christian parents, but first became especially passionate about politics in high school, through reading up on economic theory.  He also first read The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged around this time, for the ARI's essay contests.  He now owns a great deal of Ayn Rand's work.  Also included in his library are the collected works of Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter, etc.

Eric is no stranger to writing commentary, as the writer of the Conservative Considerations column on, and as a film critic and commentator on  He has also carried on the Conservative tradition of talk radio commentary, as the host of "Avengers of America" for the USF student radio station, Bulls Radio.  In the meantime, he is practicing what he preaches: Striving to enter the professional realm of Hollywood, he has already written and directed short films for the Campus MovieFest, which can be found on his YouTube channel, Hard Boiled Entertainment.
Eric Blake

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Thoughts On The Georgia Special Election