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Atheist Embraces Christ in New Movie

Posted: April 18, 2017 at 10:00 am   /   by

Religious themed movies come up around Easter time. This ‘based on a true story’ film arrived right on time. An intense drama, The Case for Christ tells the personal story of a cock-sure Atheist.   He determinedly tries to disprove the Christian story. He attacks every aspect of the death and resurrection of Christ.   Lee Strobel, the atheist, brings in the most authoritative experts that he can find to help him along. He consults a renowned doctor to explore the medical view of the death of Jesus Christ.    The doctor recounts Christ’s death in clinical still horrifying detail.

Naturally, he fails in his quest.   This well presented and acted story of one man’s spiritual journey enlightens and strengthens the faithful. Nearly every believer has a story to tell.   The story of Lee Strobel makes for a particularly moving and fascinating tale of religious discovery.

43 year old Director Jon Gunn has now directed a half dozen films. Gunn makes some lovely director moves, like having the young, self confident Atheist drive a Datson 280-Z sports car well after the birth of his second child. We see his character flaws bright and clear. As religious films gain audience and the cash that comes with success, the genre as a whole gets better in a technical sense. The Case For Christ is professional in all respects.

Journeyman writer Brian Bird has 21 writing credits on his sheet. He wrote the screenplay from the original book by Lee Strobel.

Young but experienced Mike Vogel plays newspaperman Lee Strobel.  Lovely Erika Christensen opposite him as the wife whose coming to Christ stirs Strobel’s own exploration of faith. Vogel admirably holds the film together as the pivot. Oscar winner Faye Dunaway has a supporting role. Also helping out is long time character actor and Oscar nominee in his own right, Robert Forster. The recognizable Foster plays Strobel’s estranged father.

The Case for Christ runs for one hour and 52 minutes. It has no problems with language, violence or nudity and consequently carries a PG rating.

Writer Lee Strobel worked for years at the Chicago Tribune as the award winning legal affairs editor, an unusual background for a religious awakening.   The movie, The Case for Christ, is based upon his autobiographical book of the same name. Strobel left the news business and became a pastor. He has written a score of books on religious themes and now teaches at a seminary while working part time as a pastor.

The Case for Christ is distributed by Pure Flix Entertainment, a growing powerhouse in the faith-based film genre.

Faye Dunaway, even for her single scene in the film, had a driver and two assistants credited in the final scroll. Oscar winners have everlasting prestige.

Three stars.

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Atheist Embraces Christ in New Movie