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Escalating Tensions: Anti-Trump Protestors Mobilize in Phoenix Brandishing Guns!

Posted: March 26, 2017 at 10:12 pm   /   by

Stephen Lemons, of the Phoenix News Times, reported that about 40 or so assorted anarchists and members of various left wing groups gathered across the street from the state Capitol on Saturday in opposition to a pro-Trump rally openly armed to the proverbial teeth.

While it is not unusual that wanna-be para-military lefties should arrive at a pro-Trump rally with menacing faces, clenched fists, and nasty rhetoric, this is the first documented case that I’m aware of in the recent spate of protest, counter-protest movements that have swept this country, since the inauguration, that included a leftist group brandishing firearms.

There are those who might be tempted to make light of this, as it seems that in this case these gun-toting were simply taking themselves way to seriously. Lemons reported that after spending time handing out fliers directing people to a Facebook page and website, “the group lined up, double file” and left the premise without incident, following the close of the pro-Trump event.

One only need take a look at the escalating levels of violence at several events throughout the country over the last few months to see how the presence of a large group of protestors armed with guns, gathered in opposition to another group, might be troubling.

Up to this point most leftist agitators who have appeared at, and instigated assaults at pro-Trump rallies have brought their foul mouths, their fists, and the occasional club. Increasingly though, the anti-Trump crowd has stepped up their levels of violence.

Just this past Saturday some of the ugliest scenes occurred in Berkeley, California, where police arrested 10 people. Authorities confirmed that Trump supporters and counter-protesters clashed during a rally that turned violent and left seven people injured although none were hospitalised.

A dagger, metal pipes, bats, pieces of lumber and bricks were confiscated, police said.

Several protestors at a protest rally in St. Paul, Minnesota, were arrested on felony riot charges after they lit fireworks inside the Minnesota State Capitol and fled, police said.

Many have seen the video that made national news of peaceful Trump supporters in Huntington Beach who encountered approximately two dozen counter-protesters. The group, dressed in all black, attempted to block a bike path along the MAGA route. The counter-protesters had planned a “human wall” against the MAGA march participants.

The efforts at intimidation did not go as planned as the video shows.

The typical attempts to bully pro-Trump people has been for leftists to show up dressed in riot gear, armed with baseball bats, pepper spray, etc. and think they can disrupt things. As more and more Trump fans are tiring of the bullying and fighting back, it makes it all the more concerning that a leftist group should arrive at an event armed with semiautomatic weapons.

Thankfully nothing happened in Phoenix, but the question is how many more people on both sides are going to start arriving at these rallies armed? And if this should happen, will all the rhetoric and fisticuffs escalate into full blown bloodshed?

Joseph Morgan
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Joseph Morgan

Team Writer at Western Free Press
Joseph was born and raised in Tucson, AZ. He received a Master's in U.S. history, with an emphasis on American constitutionalism from the UA, with a minor in Aerospace Mechanical Engineering. He took a job right out of college as a financial advisor, then switched career paths to teaching History at Pima Community College, while tutoring mathematics on the side. He also writes op-eds for the Arizona Daily Star, Tucson's largest newspaper, and has recently begun a new, live, calling radio show Common Sense heard every Saturday at 1 p.m. on 1030 AM KVOI, The Voice. He has a passion for politics and debate, believing that, we the people, must converse with each other about ideas and become engaged in the political formative process, as opposed to simply reacting to what government does. His ideological emphasis, in which he believes everyone can find common ground, is natural rights philosophy.
Joseph Morgan
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Escalating Tensions: Anti-Trump Protestors Mobilize in Phoenix Brandishing Guns!