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Syria Launches Missiles Targeting Israeli Aircraft Following Airstrike

Posted: March 17, 2017 at 11:40 am   /   by


The Israeli and Syrian governments have each confirmed that Friday began with military confrontation between them. Israeli jets had launched strikes on a number of targets inside Syria, and were fired upon by missiles even after they had returned to Israeli airspace. The Syrian government did not deny they had fired upon the aircraft, instead embellishing by claiming they had shot down one of the aircraft. Israel denied it lost any craft during the operation. Media inside Israel have claimed that Israel was striking out at supplies meant for the terror group Hezbollah, but neither the military or Hezbollah have confirmed this detail.

This incident marks the first time Israel has deployed its brand new “Arrow” defense system. The system intercepted one of the ballistic missiles fired. The attack still caused Israel’s emergency sirens to go off, alerting the public to the attack. The nature of events led the army to release a statement to reassure civilians that the incident did not compromise their safety. The prospect of further incidents such as this is an unknown factor, as the civil war continues. Israel has largely remained out of the conflict, preferring to only concern itself with the Syrian government’s ties to Hezbollah.

Israel’s action comes amid renewed focus on Syria, as various factions pursue separate goals in the country. The U.S. is continuing its anti-terror activity, defending a strike on Al Qaeda after a rebel group claimed that a civilian mosque had been destroyed. The Pentagon showed aerial photography to prove the mosque was intact. The U.S. is also seeking to use conventional forces to retake the city of Raqqa, capital of the Islamic State. Even with the Trump administration’s friendlier stance toward Israel, it is still unclear if the two nations will work together to fight ISIS or Hezbollah, or merely pursue similar goals separately.

Image Source: United States Missle Defense Agency/Wikimedia

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Syria Launches Missiles Targeting Israeli Aircraft Following Airstrike